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So grateful to have spent a beautiful weekend immersed in deep spiritual consciousness through self care rituals, ceremonies and gathering in community. This all sounds super woo-wooh ✨and I feel called to continue to share my personal experiences because I am consciously choosing 'to practice what I preach' and inspire through my digital platform. The more I integrate (or invest) in my self care practices, daily meditation and connection to community, the more I've grown my business.

My intention is to create a unique container for others to also feel in alignment with their work, wellness and community. To promote investing in experiences that nourish your self care and your work.

I've been gifted with the amazing opportunity to co-create elevated experiences for women through@wrkspc_oasis. To merge what seems like two opposite parts of our lives- our work and our self care - is possible. The intention has manifested in my own experiences and the feedback we've received from women experiencing our past #wrkspcoasis days is proof we can invest in ourselves and also find success in our work. As we transition out of Summer and into Fall, it's a beautiful opportunity to bring a shift and balance in our daily lives. 〰
So excited and honored to host our 6th WRKSPC Oasis this Thurs 9/28. Please join us for an elevated day of working, connecting, & meditating with a community of supportive women 💻👯🙏🏼🌿✨ Portion of the tickets will support the large container that supports us all 🌏@charitywater @kissthegroundca@oceana 🌻🐋🌊

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COMMUNITY | Tea Sisters


So grateful to know these two spiritually aligned humans. Alyson is a mother, green beauty advocate and foodie. She has this gift of connecting humans together. I admire her vibrant view of life and how she consciously chooses to immerse herself and her son to enriching cultural experiences in music, food, and nature. Kristen is so lovely and you instantly feel calm and happy around her. She's also such a boss-lady. She's what you'd call a hustler, but doesn't put the hustle on a pedestal. She honors her self care and spiritual practice and gracefully juggles her multiple projects. Her company, MUSE BATH is a brand I truly adore. From the intention of her products to the overall aesthetic of her brand, I am always inspired by her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. So grateful to know these two tea sisters who I've shared tea in ceremony and our spiritual journeys.

These portraits were taken after a Tea Ceremony in Los Angeles, CA. August 2017.




Self-compassion is easier said than done. It's daily work and practice I sometimes struggle with. The lessons the Universe provides is something I need on my journey. Thankfully I have the awareness and resources to work through the lessons especially on days when I fall off from doing my sacred practices 🙏🏼🌿

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Skincare + Beauty


The more I dive deep into my self-care and wellness, the more I consciously align with the brands I consume. At least that is what I've experienced this past year. Since I started using these amazing organic skincare brands and consciously consuming foods + supplements, I can proudly say my skin is back to a healthy glow. I use these green beauty products on a daily and weekly basis and sharing to promote consciousness in the products we consume.


Stumbled upon this brand while I was perusing the green beauty section of Anthropologie. I was attracted to the minimal design of the bottle, but ultimately loved the scent of this gentle cleanser. It's certified organic and the ingredients (aloe, flower extract, oils, etc) are anti-inflammatory and hydrating. 


I love this mineral sea mist from this Malibu based organic, vegan skincare brand, OSEA. I spritz this on after cleansing, to prep my skin before adding my moisturizer and oils. I discovered this brand after they gifted me a set of their products last year. The family owned and run business has a beautiful range of seaweed and natural ingredients. I have this mist in both the full and travel sizes.. so I'm obviously obsessed and highly recommend!


I've been using oils instead of cream-based moisturizers and it's so nourishing for my dry/sensitive skin. I LOVE the scent of the combination of superfood and medicinal herb ingredients in this serum (Argon, Jojoba, Carrot seed, Rose, Lavender & more). I add about a few drops and sometime mix it in with my moisturizer at night if I feels extra dry. I wake up with skin that feels soft, rejuvenated and glowy!


Another oil I've incorporated into my skin regimen is the Beauty Booster in Grapefruit from THE BUFF (avail at Urban Outfitters). Met the lovely owner, Jasmine, at Fashion Week years ago. We've both similarly merged our own fashion + wellness journeys into our current careers. So proud of her for launching this amazing brand of customizable skincare. I love the simplicity of her products and she has the beautiful skin to prove that it works!


I am such a minimalist when it comes to make-up. What I consider as "wearing a lot of make-up" involves less than 5 products (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, bb cream w/ SPF and sometimes blush). This CC cream is kind of amazing. Besides it reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, it evens out my complexion and doubles as sun protection with SPF 30. This is minimal make-up user's dream.


Since this post is more a conscious, holistic way of promoting skincare + beauty, I also included my new favorite supplement company, CARE/OF. I am THAT GIRL that has a dedicated cabinet with 12+ bottles of vitamins and supplements. Since I travel a lot and never have the same schedule (or am at the same place each week), it's kind of inconvenient to carry around all my supplements. I've tried bagging individual pills in ziplock bags.. the pills get crushed and mixed up in the bottom of my bag. What I LOVE about Care Of Vitamins, besides the cute customized little packet that says "MADE FOR KRISTINE" is the fact that they make it easy for me to take my supplements. The packets are beautifully designed, small enough to carry in my purse and easy to locate. Also, it's customized to what I need..according to the test I took on their site. Currently taking: PROBIOTIC BLEND (for gut health), MAGNESIUM (for sleep), RHODIOLA (for stress), & VEGGIE OMEGA (for overall health). Use code: KRISTINE50 for 50% off your first month of vitamins at TAKECAREOF.COM

Please note: this is not a sponsored post :) The products featured were purchased or gifted* 

Self Care Rituals


So honored to have shared my self care journey and rituals with GOOEY GIRL - a digital platform by Lenea Sims that promote self-care practices and feature women in wellness. We met at Workspace Oasis - a women's coworking + wellness popup I've co-created. As I consciously choose to honor myself, I have been attracting beautiful like-minded women on the same journey. Below are a visual + written excerpts from my first wellness feature.

My daily self-care rituals include journaling, meditating, feeling gratitude, taking supplements and caring for my physical body through conscious consumption
My weekly and monthly rituals include yoga, baths, spa days, Holistic facials, healing massages, Ayurvedic sessions, sitting still in nature, capturing moments through photography, tea ceremonies, moon circles, women’s gatherings, and traveling. These are all beautiful experiences I’ve been fortunate to manifest into my life.
Since I’ve committed to investing in my well-being, the universe has supported this. I’m so grateful that my wellness journey aligns with my work, my passion and my community.

Full interview here.

I Started My First Company at 20.



I had a bit of anxiety this morning when I was driving to a shoot. When I was twenty, I started my first business. I had a fashion brand producing locally made clothing and jewelry. As a young entrepreneur, I was ambitious and thankfully my upbringing had instilled in me this confidence and natural creativity that I expressed through this company. I built this baby of a business from my bedroom and eventually had a studio in DTLA. After nurturing this business for several years, I was OVER the emotional roller coaster of running a business, lost the passion to create and knew it wasn't going to grow financially. This experience was a crash course to entrepreneurship and was completely humbling. I made my first adult decision to "let go" of this company which eventually led me to my current profession as a photographer. The universe recently has been gifting me with these moments where my past + present experiences come full circle.



To go into this building five years later for a job as a photographer is significant. The anxiety is a reminder of the struggles I've had. After the lovely shoot today, I was filled with gratitude. I made the decision that changed the trajectory of my life in this building and that ultimately led me to pursue a more fulfilling creative career. I'm in such a magical moment in my personal and professional life where everything is aligned and purposeful. Sharing this personal and lengthy post because it's cliche but true that "everything happens for a reason" All our experiences, good or bad, allows us grow and places us into where we are meant to be 💁🏻💻📸🙏🏼🌿✨#elevatedandaligned

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MOMENTS | Consciousness, Full Moon & Topanga

Consciously Co-creating


I've been consciously co-creating a lot of amazing experiences, opportunities and magic with the universe this year and have shared some on this digital platform. Yesterday revealed some blocks on my wellness and spiritual journey. I won't get too detailed but I did spend time reflecting on the beach after this revelation. The sun, ocean and sand was everything I needed in that moment. As I consciously choose to share select moments, I hope to connect deeper than aesthetics and likes. Beautiful content and curation doesn't have to lack substance if the intention is to inspire authenticity in your digital and real life presence 🙏🏼🌿✨

Full Moon Weekend





Full moon 🌕 weekend spent flowing w/ the universe 〰 So grateful for the beautiful gatherings, moments in nature and heightened consciousness 🙏🏼🌿✨#elevatedandaligned


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Captured the beautiful Shiva Rose at her home in Los Angeles. Full editorial on The Moment.








I've been fortunate enough to experience my first beautiful Cha Dao Tea Ceremony on a retreat earlier this year. So grateful to have documented this beautiful tea ceremony and editorial feature for beauty and wellness site, The Moment.




Los angeles has a beautiful tea community and grateful to experience several tea ceremonies since my first sit in March. Participating in tea ceremonies has become a prominent mindfulness practice in my life. It allows me to connect inward, to community and nature. I'm honored to not only practice but be able to capture this beautiful ritual through my photography work.

More on The Moment and The Local Rose.


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Gifting myself with the experience of travel is the ultimate act of self-care. Traveling not only expands my consciousness but nourishes me creatively and spiritually. I wanted to integrate my commitment to self-care and wellness in this recent visit to TULUM. If you know me at all you'd know I'm obsessed with this dreamy coastal beach town and have past travel diaries to show for here, here and here. This time I am sharing a different kind of travel guide that includes wellness with the intention to inspire you to take that much needed soul-nourishing experience. 



We stayed at the beautiful boutique hotel, NEST TULUM. The interiors were beautiful and every nook of the property had a gorgeous detail. Each room had its own hammock and the property is right on the beach where you can lay out on a day bed drinking cocktails. Highly recommended for couples and conveniently close to the Sian Ka'an and YAAN Wellness.





My experience at NEST was so lovely. The staff is super friendly and daily breakfast was included. They serve you wellness shots in the morning - lemon water and a probiotic drink. My favorite breakfast option was the vegan tacos. If eating delicious vegan tacos on vacation isn't dreamy enough, you also get a gorgeous view of the ocean. 


I experienced my first spiritual retreat this year in KAUAI and left feeling so incredibly connected to nature. I'm so grateful for the experience of hearing the birds, the ocean and meditating to a beautiful sunrise. I've learned that reconnecting to nature is an essential part of a soul-nourishing trip. We skipped out on touristy Tulum and Coba ruins and opted for a boat tour of the Sian Ka'an. Just south of Tulum is this beautiful eco-preserve. The tour is on the pricier side since there are only a limited number of boats allowed to do low-impact eco-tours of the Sian Ka'an. The sustainable benefits outweigh the price and this is for you if you're not a fan of the tour bus crowds. At one point of the tour we ended up on a sand bank where the lagoon meets the Caribbean sea. No one else around but us 5 on the tour and makes you realize how empty and beautiful the rest of the Yucatan was before all the hotels on the beach popped up. You really get a close-up view of the beautiful flora and fauna. We saw different species of birds, sting rays, crocodiles, underwater cenotes, and beautiful mangroves. My favorite part was floating down the Muyil river- a lazy river the ancient Mayans used as a trade route. This was probably one of the most adventurous experiences I've done considering we spotted crocodiles en route to this part of the tour! 



After visiting TULUM annually for several years now, I finally tried out the gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free restaurant at Sanara Tulum called The Real Coconut. Had the most delicious coconut flour tortilla quesadilla and chips with guacamole and a vegan nacho bowl. I don't really eat meat, but my boyfriend really enjoyed his order of organic chicken breasts.





This wouldn't be a wellness trip without a day spent at the most beautiful spa in the world, YAAN Wellness. Started the morning with some yoga, followed by an amazing healing water circuit. You go from sauna and steam room, then shower in between ending the bath circuit at a purified crystalline water pool. I have to thank my Ayurvedic Practitioner, Julie Bernier for recommending Yaan! Every corner of Yaan Wellness is impeccably designed. This trip was with my boyfriend for our combined June birthdays, so we also treated ourselves to couples massage. I can confidently say after getting at least a dozen massages in my lifetime, this was the best one I've ever had. After our massages, we ended with a luxurious floral essence bath as if the self-care session couldn't get any better.



Perfect vacay swim wear by MADE BY DAWN.

THE MOMENT Editorial


Shot the lovely Kelly LeVeque for THE MOMENT.



This year I've been fine tuning what I wanted to offer to the world. I'm so grateful that I'm in a position where I have this flexibility in life to explore my purpose and passions. My job titles are photographer, content creator and consultant but I also crave community and wellness. 
Next month, I am co-creating a co-working and wellness popup. I met my amazing business partner Mikayla at a meditation circle and we bonded over our freelance struggles + needs and our journeys with holistic approaches to nourishment and healing. Our launch event on April 5th will be at the beautiful Parachute Hotel. This event is so meaningful because the intention truly matches what we are marketing. We want women to make genuine connections with other women, collaborate and inspire one another. In addition, we wanted a space that offers wellness + holistic services which I think is truly "the secret sauce" to being successful. I will be sharing more details and how to attend, so please follow @wrkspc_oasis.



So excited to finally share this amazing project I am so grateful to have been part of! My lovely friends at SKIN FOOD TALK  released their first e-book. I captured the images along with the beautiful curation + creative direction by Polina at Estok Creative.


I've been on a self-care journey for a few years now and meeting these inspiring ladies has elevated my level of commitment and helped me on this ongoing practice of caring for myself. Tara Curran is a certified Holistic Nutritionist. She's educated me about mindful consumption of foods with a holistic approach to include supplements, exercise and self-care. She has significantly helped me maintain a proper diet without overly restricting myself on my favorite foods. I'm so grateful for her nutritional guidance. Hayley Wood is a skin guru. With over a decade of experience in the skincare industry as a Certified Esthetician, she provides a wealth of skincare knowledge that goes way deeper than the surface. I've learned root causes for skin issues and love her approach to using skincare products. I always look forward to my monthly facials with her! It's basically therapy and skin-love session. If you're seeking a holistic approach from coaches with real expertise and support to becoming the best version of yourself from inside and out, please check out Tara and Hayley and their new e-book!


Always wanted to visit Scandinavia and an extended trip from Vienna presented an opportunity to visit Copenhagen. Despite the mostly cloudy and rainy weather, it was still a lovely weekend in the city.





In an effort to be chronologically consistent with my travel diaries, I am sharing last summer's escape to Italy a few months late, because Better Late Than Never. Since this trip, I've traveled to 7 countries and captured the adventures in still + video. Stay tuned because I will be sharing more inspiring travel diaries in the next few weeks!

Started off this holiday with my sister in the largest island in the Mediterranean. We explored Sicily by air, land and sea thanks to Armani beauty. I was surprised by how similar the Italian landscape was to California with all the palm trees, bougainvillea and cacti. The seaside views were magical and the food was as good as they said it would be. 48 hours in Taormina, Sicily was the perfect start to this picturesque European summer holiday.

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I've been manifesting this trip for quite some time and the only thing that held me back was to book the ticket to this dreamy Indonesian island. I originally wanted to do this trip solo, but decided it was best to travel with a friend and experience adventure without being completely lost navigating through the jungle halfway across the world from home.

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