Clutter Healing

Yesterday I shared on my IG stories a bit of what I’m ashamed of... my tiny, cluttered apartment. So grateful to Lili and her team for organizing my space all day yesterday! I finally feel more comfortable and inspired in my home🙏🏼🌿✨More BTS of my @clutterhealing session to share soon 〰️

Free People Escape to Malibu

Magical evening spent touring a local biodynamic farm, harvesting herbs w/ @jessicamenda, and dining in nature eating the most delicious organic dinner by @honeyhi made with ingredients from the very soil it grew from 😭🙏🏼🌿✨Thanks @samshendow for letting me know about this event and grateful to @freepeople x @girlsinc for creating this elevated #fpescapetomalibu experience!

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On Monday I received a very powerful email from @words_of_women reminding me to practice gratitude daily. 

If you know me personally or have followed me, you know I practice and preach gratitude for awhile now. Gratitude takes me out of my desires and future manifesting. It gives me so much perspective.

I needed this reminder because I’ve been facing all my imperfections and what I don’t have currently that I’m manifesting. The simple practice of 3 minutes of gratitude daily reminded me that everything I wanted a few years ago, I’ve manifested.

I live the dream of being able to purse my passions full-time. To always lead with integrity in my personal and professional life. To use this platform for more than superficial ‘influence’. To promote creating meaningful offline experiences. To build genuine connections and community. To have a very loving and supportive community IRL.

I’m not saying everyday is perfect and I definitely don’t have all my shit together. This past year has been very challenging because of my very high expectations I’ve place on myself. Coming into my Saturn’s return, I am learning and re-learning lessons. I’ve never doubted myself more than ever. I’ve always had an ego shell that supported me through hardship and the roller-coaster of not meeting expectations. Like many others, I desire spiritual growth, career momentum and financial success.

So my intention for sharing all this to a sea of strangers online and the lovely IRL friends who follow me is to provide an invitation to practice 1-3 minutes of gratitude today. I would like this to be both my digital portfolio and a way to be in service to others. ~
I’m on day 5 of 45 days of practicing gratitude. Since we are experiencing a very emotional time with all the eclipses and retrogrades happening, I hope this supports you in anyway. ~
Please share below or message me what you’re grateful for 🙏🏼🌿✨

Photo by yours truly | Model @yoizzyy | Makeup @lorencanbymakeup

Escape to Two Bunch Palms

It's been a few months of staying grounded in LA. By grounded, I mean no international travel since my solo spiritual retreat to Taiwan in January. Not traveling feels pretty strange this year considering I've traveled outside of California every month for the past 2.5 years since leaving my last 9-6 pm agency job in 2016 to pursue this very fulfilling sometimes challenging career as a conscious photographer and consultant. After over two years of traveling to dreamy destinations, I've learned this year to chill and save those airline miles for more intentional trips. Also, living in the golden state offers diverse landscapes and day trip destinations that doesn't require the hassle of checking-in a luggage and flying uncomfortably for several hours. So, I was excited when my best friend invited me to escape to the desert for a weekend of wellness at Two Bunch Palms.

I first visited Two Bunch Palms over 4 years ago. Since my first visit, they have expanded to include beautiful mineral pools and wellness offerings. 


We arrived in Desert Hot Springs around dusk. Since we arrived in the evening, we decided to take a nighttime dip in one of the many mineral pools. Looking up above the star-filled sky while floating was pure magic. 

The next day we had a quiet tea ceremony before breakfast listening to the soundtrack of birds chirping and mineral waters running. The property includes several accommodation options, wellness spa, Essence restaurant, hiking trails, a pond with small rabbits running around and different mineral pools. As part of our stay, we could sign-up to any of the wellness activities available. We took the 'Art of Creating Abundance' class which was held in the Glass House. It involved intuitive art and wine tasting. Highly recommend to anyone who might be interested in something like this. In the evening, we attended a sound bath which was a really amazing. I slept like a baby that night.



I've been very fortunate enough to experience a lot of different wellness modalities. From Ayurvedic and Holistic sessions to wellness massage in Tulum and to experiencing this amazing luxury wellness day in Taiwan. I share these trips to inspire investing in experiences that nourish your physical and spiritual. 

Two Bunch Palms Spa offerings include Ayurvedic sessions, facials, energy healing, water and massage therapy. I opted for the Desert Detox massage which left my skin and hair feeling very nourished while I floated on a calm cloud the rest of the day.

What I really loved about my experience at Two Bunch Palms is how you feel very much taken cared of at the resort. The service provided by the staff is above and beyond. We didn't even leave the resort from check-in to check-out to maximize our wellness reset.



As I've mentioned many times over, being in nature practicing self care is always the best medicine. If you are seeking a reset, I highly recommend visiting Two Bunch Palms. I've linked a few of my travel essentials for this trip below.


Manifesting on a Monday

This Monday was a beautiful reminder that unplanned adventures will lead you exactly where you’re meant to go. My boyfriend is a 'Manifestor' and I'm a 'Projector' via Human Design. He initiated that we go to Ojai and Santa Barbara for on a Monday. It led us on a really beautiful adventure and I received 3 beautiful clues to what I am manifesting. Upon learning earlier this year that I'm a Projector, it's been difficult 'waiting for the invitation' as I'm a planner and a do-er. I've since been trying to integrate my design and have experienced a little bit more fluidity around things. Waiting for the invitation is still a learning process but I have realized that when things don't flow as it should be is due to not following my design or being my most authentic and accepting of myself. This day was a beautiful opportunity to trust in myself and strengthen the bond I have with my amazing boyfriend and spiritual partner. 



Practicing presence has been more challenging for me lately. I captured this fleeting moment a few weeks ago serving tea to @ameliadamplo and @hannahdampfor @nature.intent video. Visually sharing these sacred moments on social media can be so vulnerable for me. Learning to detach from the ego & concept behind what is ‘my practice’ and what can be inspirational online to offline that will make a meaningful impact for the collective good🙏🏼🍵✨#natureandintent#consciouscontentcreation

Saturn Return.

Celebrating another trip around the 🌞 with lovely friends and the most supportive boyfriend @danielschuck 🙏🏼🍵🌿✨ Recently been experiencing the peak of my Saturn return which has been a 💩 storm roller coaster of emotions. Shedding ego that has been your protective shell your entire life is necessary but still feels like a walk through hell. This day was a reminder of how lucky I am to be on this journey called life and have the sweetest friends to be able to sit together with Tea for a moment of sacred presence 🙏🏼 🍃Thank you to my lovely soul sister @museyoursoul for serving & providing “party favor” readings. Love youuuu @alexandrascadiz @barsubrosa @jess_zanotti @radenn @gypsyturk @talktonatasha 💛
+ THANK YOU to everyone for all the beautiful birthday messages

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Natural light, plants, my tea set, crystals and my first film print. Objects tell our stories. After years of working with brands creating content, I’ve discovered we all have a unique narrative to share. In the @nature.intent content creation course launching next week, I provide the guidance for brand owners to share their story through intentional content in the digital space. 🌿

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