Last year, I went on a road trip with my love from Los Angeles to Portland. We’ve been planning this trip for years but the timing was never right…until this past winter. This trip was one of my favorites and past road trips have taught me to leave room for surprises and not plan every hour on an itinerary.

A few days in Portland, we experienced all the amazing things everyone has said about this city. My boyfriend is Vegan and I eat mostly plant based. So this was Vegan food heaven for us both. Not to mention, there was an abundance of nature, tea, creative shops, and culture. I couldn’t help but sing “She’s making jewelry now, She’s making jewelry now” from Portlandia. If you’ve been wanting to visit Portland, I’ve curated a list of must-visit nature, tea, shopping and wellness spots.


Nothing more magical than roaming around a beautiful zen garden while it’s raining.


We were looking for a vegan food truck and stumbled upon this amazing tea house and restaurant offering plant based cuisines from around the world. You may know how I have a deep reverence for tea and being divinely guided to this place just made my soul so happy.


Beautiful light-filled space where an hour acupuncture session will feel like a few hours of deep healing.

Book a session here.



Lisi of other amazing food, shopping, and wellness spots in Portland.

Loyly Portland - affordable day sauna with multiple locations around the city.

Virtous Pie - the most delicious vegan pizzas!

Off the Griddle Portland - all vegan breakfasts

Fatsquatch PDX - The most delicious vegan ‘chicken’

Qi Fine Teas - traditional Chinese tea shop and gorgeous teaware

Monograph Bookwerks - limited edition art and contemporary book shop

Spartan Shop - beautiful products for elevated minimal living

Frances May - take advantage of Portland’s no sales tax at this beautifully curated boutique

Mt Tabor Park - beautiful park and view of the city


Immerse in more of my travel diaries to inspire your next elevated experience.

Three Hindrances: Emulation


This is the second of a three part diary post sharing three hindrances that no longer serves me.

Photo by Caleb Thal

I initially wrote out this post in March. Since then, I have experienced a really triggering episode related to being emulated or copied in my business offerings. I was particularly triggered in April, when I found out someone I knew ripped-off my business model. They literally copied and pasted from my website. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced plagiarism of my work and offerings. I formerly owned a Fashion Brand and I’ve lost count how many times my designs were ripped-off. In only a little over a year since launching my conscious company, Nature and Intent, it has expanded with a wider net of visibility online.

Before being ‘conscious’ was mainstream, I set the intention over a decade ago to always lead with integrity in all my professional pursuits. What frustrated me the most is the fact that running a business is already a deeply challenging endeavor. To create a brand with the intention to be different from other established businesses with similar offerings is even harder. The irony of it all is that through Nature and Intent (the brand that is being emulated), we promote authenticity. To elevate your true nature and purpose is our motto.

When someone misses the point and does the complete opposite of authentic, that truly frustrates me.

I’m not claiming I’ve never copied or emulated someone. With so much inspiration and content consumed online, we as a collective can have overlapping content and offerings. Being original is nearly impossible. I only know for a fact that someone has infringed on my work when 1) They follow me on social media 2) When it happens more than once 3) I ask for a 2nd opinion and it’s blatantly obvious to someone else that it’s not a coincidence.

Personally, I’ve been inspired by others and emulate people who are truly in their worth and authenticity. That has inspired me to nourish my own. I’m not original. I’m not the first photographer nor the first conscious business owner offering creative, marketing, and production services.

What is unique to me is the years that I invested in developing my conscious perspective and my holistic approach to providing elevated branding, content creation, and marketing.

What is unique to my offerings is how I provide my services and the way I execute them.

I’ve learned that someone copying something external (similar content, layout of a website, marketing messaging) is harmless even if it’s initially irritating. What matters the most is what clients say about working with me and what people closest to me have mirrored to me.

No one can copy your essence and the actions behind your intentions.

Even after years of resisting being labeled an “Influencer”, I’ve become comfortable sharing on my platforms my authentic story and essence to inspire conscious living. I find joy in sharing the brands I love, my travels and destinations, wellness journey, and spiritual experiences. I also get to express all the above through my passion of photography, content creation, and writing.

To clarify, I promote finding inspiration in conscious individuals. There is always room to find be inspired but express that inspiration in a way that is uniquely you not a knock-off of someone else.

I would not be writing this if my intention was not to influence people to live authentically and invest in meaningful experiences.

When friends and acquaintances travel to the places I recommend, purchase from the brands I love, and is inspired to be a freelancer or start a conscious business, that shows me I’m manifesting my intention to create a meaningful impact. I also interview brands and individuals via Nature and Intent Journal to create a resource of inspiration of individuals who live their nature and intent.

What I’m mostly concerned about is copying someone’s BUSINESS and OFFERINGS.

Copy and pasting someone else’s words or taking too many elements of ‘inspiration’ as your own is manipulating potential clients and diluting what makes you and your unique gifts. It’s so easy to start a website on Squarespace site, add photos sourced via Pinterest, then copy and paste web copy and messaging that someone else crafted. Plagiarism is not as thoroughly monitored on the world wide web as it was in college. Regram culture also doesn’t help artists and creatives and has created less personal accountability & integrity. But to truly embody what you promote and preach will not be so easy to ‘copy and paste’ IRL. Sooner or later, catfishing someone leads to being caught.

I have discussed these matters with lawyers on how to deal with people who infringe on my intellectual property. My options are to send a cease and desist letters or sue someone for not having integrity. The process would be energetically draining.

I am fully aware that my moral code, awareness, sensitivity, or experiences may differ from others. I’m only sharing my personal perspective. At some point, mentors and trusted advisors have shared that it’s out of my control and that being copied is ‘proof of concept’. I’ve resisted seeing emulation as flattery because I personally felt attacked. I know I could quietly pretend to not get bothered because it can come off as ‘petty’ or ‘negative’. That I should be more positive and just focus my energy on elevating my brand.

But I’ve learned to communicate when my boundaries are crossed. The way I process something challenging will differ from your process. I appreciate the few individuals who’ve held space for me to express these triggers and frustrations fully. My share is not an open invitation for unsolicited advice. If anything this ‘negative’ experience is more motivation to elevating my brand and offerings even more.

What I’ve learned is to listen to my inner voice (intuition) by allowing the full expression of my frustration and only seek the advice of people who have my best interest and understand my perspective fully with compassion. If you’re read through this far, I’m grateful to have your attention for a matter that is so sensitive to me.

The key point and main takeaway I share is that whether you consider yourself a conscious business owner or conscious individual, honoring your unique essence is the gift that will create purpose and direction. It’s not looking outside yourself and emulating what everyone else is doing.

If I’m truly living and preaching consciously, I know that I can always chose to reframe these experiences and find compassion in myself and those I perceive to purposely disrespect me.

I’ve been asking myself:

How can I be more compassionate?

What lesson(s) can I learn from this?

My intention is to not allow my fear of emulation and judgement to my reaction of being copied to cause me anymore unnecessary suffering nor stop me from continuing to expand my brand and offerings. When I say suffering, its not caused by physical pain but the self-inflicted mental anguish, obsessive internal dialogue, and emotional reactions. What has supported this intention to share more online is doing Shadow work, journaling, meditation, and sharing publicly on my platform.

Writing this is out is equally cathartic and therapeutic.

Leading up to this Full Moon in Scorpio has brought me closure into this recurring frustration.

I’ve learned that it is in my choice of response that I can truly release this hindrance. Looking outside of myself is a constant cause of unnecessary suffering.

What someone does that is out of alignment with my moral code is out of my control and not my issue. In the grand scheme of things, these micro-triggering experiences are unimportant. There’s so much more unfair pain and suffering in the world. This is minuscule compared to the current state of things.

What I hope is that by sharing honestly and vulnerably, you find insight and inspiration to live in your authenticity and find compassion in whatever human experience you are currently having.

My biggest lesson from this is learning to lessen my judgement of my own negative reactions for these occurrences and always choose compassion.

Poppy and Someday

On Thursday, I received a nourishing healing session after a week of feeling super jet lagged, physical fatigued, and imbalanced.

Thank you @poppyandsomeday and @jamie_bones for a dreamy CBD infused 🌿 Four Hand Ayurvedic massage ending with a dreamy rose filled bath soak, and infrared sauna session.✨

Literally felt like butter during the session and inspired to continue living life like a retreat. Even slept 12 hours after 💆🏻✨. Such a gift to receive this special treatment in a dreamy healing nature haven in Laurel Canyon. Highly recommend! To book this special treatment, email Kari poppyandsomeday@gmail.com 〰️


Every visit to Bali since my first has presented opportunities to meet all my internal challenges with compassion. Travel has always been a form of spiritual self care. The journey is more than the 20+ hours transit and ever changing itinerary. The journey is removing from your comfortable surroundings and routines, navigating expectations, and then seeing all the experiences as opportunities to center back to the present and self compassion.

The images I capture and share are just moments that tell 0.0001% of the journey. I write to share more in depth what it means to have a meaningful experience outside of the pretty, curated Instagram posts.

I am grateful for this platform and the opportunity to share my conscious perspective. You don’t need to travel 20+ hours to experience something meaningful. Being in nature 🌴. Turning your phone to ✈️ mode. Knowing who you are even if your external surroundings change. 🧘🏻‍♀️These are simple practices I’ve done to align and live more in my authenticity. My intention is and always to share my experiences to inspire living more in your true nature and consciously seeing your experiences have profound meaning in your life. 🙏🏼🌿✨



So grateful for a day spent nourishing my wellness. Yesterday was just ‘one of those days’. When my moon in Aries 🔥 is activated, it can take some time to center back to compassion and neutrality. But it’s continual learning for me to allow my full honest expression of my human experience regardless of what it looks like to others... real life isn’t all curated, perfect filtered squares 💁🏻‍♀️✨



Instead of another post with a laundry list of things I’ve done or haven’t done to be more supportive of 🌎, here’s a moment in nature that captures pure joy of living connected to my authenticity, creativity, and purpose.

So grateful to live life in alignment with my definition of conscious living. My definition has extending outside of just trying to be zero waste, plant based, wellness-obsessed, and minimal (I’m definitely not perfect at any of the above).

Honoring the Earth can be as simple as mindful presence and gratitude to the ☀️, 💨, 🐦 ,🌼🌿. Today and everyday I honor nature through my work and presence.

Grateful to celebrate on this lovely Monday starting with a morning tea ceremony to connect with her🍃loving spirit 🍵🙏🏼, a nature hike with @nature.intent community, and creating for a living while elevating others to live more aligned with their nature and intent. 🌎🌿✨

New Workspace


This year I have spent a lot of time in front of digital screens creating, editing, and delegating than traveling, retreating, connecting offline and being in nature. (This will shift soon as I’ve accepted the cycle and flow of life 📸🌴)

On the bright side, I’m SO excited to cowork @the.wing on @nature.intent with my team to create a meaningful impact through content creation, holistic branding, marketing, and production services for conscious brands and individuals. Follow @nature.intent for exciting projects, events, and workshops coming soon! 〰️



Spring is my favorite season. There’s so much energy and feeling of a fresh start and full steam ahead. ☀️

I’ve been reading a lot about this Full Moon and the season ahead. For many of you who love Astrology, you may already know the significance of your sun, rising, and moon sign. As a former Astro-skeptic, I’ve found that horoscopes never resonated and never really trust how someone can know what will or will not happen to me on a given date or timeframe😸 But diving into Human Design and Astrological Natal chart in the past year has given me so much insight to truly accept all parts of myself and understand with a holistic perspective my desires, needs, and motivations. ⋒

I’m your typical Gemini ♊️☀️- a natural creative type and extrovert with my 🌬 nature. My rising sign Pisces ♓️ complements my fluidity and everyone perceives my easy going attitude. But my biggest block around being sensitive and spiritual has always been recognizing my inner core - my moon 🌚 sign.

My moon is in Aries ♈️ and my inner self is a true leader, initiator and someone you don’t want to mess with 🙅🏻‍♀️🔥. I’ve hidden behind what people have always perceived me (Gemini/Pisces) but resented it when my inner needs are not met. 〰️ Boundaries 〰️ Going into Aries season, I feel that fire 🔥 so strongly. It’s come from a place of holding space for all my needs and accepting all parts of me which in turn allows me to accept others. It sounds so simple. But it’s easier said than done. It’s a continual practice to be compassionate + accepting. ⋒

Finally integrating duality and recognizing that we are complex beings that hold all the different personality “types” and “traits”. We’re not ⚫️⚪️. We experience the spectrum of human emotions and possess all the qualities even if we accept or deny some. Full moons 🌕are ritualistically a time for release. Sharing my insights on this digital diary with the intention to inspire self acceptance and release judgements we may hold. ⋒

Excited to release a project via Nature and Intent with a client (Hint: 🌞🌕🌙💫🌟) that will support and guide you into more self acceptance. Stay tuned 〰️


Kristine Lo.JPG

So much gratitude for this week. For all the dreamy co-creations and abundance. And even for all the moments of stress and activated triggers. Each one is a chance to meet myself with compassion or hold space for the emotions to be expressed. I’m humbly re-learning to honor myself with self care practices and setting clear boundaries.

I hope you’re experiencing a beautiful Sunday spent honoring your needs with compassion. 🙏🏼🌿


This year has been filled with so much abundance. So much that I was feeling a bit overfilled and not going to lie.. stressed af! I’m so grateful for all of it but needed a reset. Because the Universe works in divine timing, I received this much needed nourishing creative retreat day in Ojai during the middle of a crazy busy week.

It was a dream to create and collaborate with the lovely Amber @plantascompass 🙏🏼🌿🕊✨ Yesterday was a beautiful reminder that living in alignment with your intention + authenticity creates your dream life of purpose. + Nature is truly the best medicine.

Thank you for the guidance + hospitality + creative collaboration @plantascompassand for your generous sister support @easytobreathe 📸👯‍♀️🍶🌿✨

Everyday Is International Women's Day


I feel so fortunate that I get to work and connect with women 99% of the time. A few years ago, I realized I actually had no one I looked up to as a mentor or expander when I first attended an in-person manifestation workshop. I never realized how important it is to have people who you see to believe that it’s possible. Since then, I’ve manifested (and recognized already existing around me) women that inspire me so much and continually show me how to navigate the good and the messy parts of life.
〰️ So on this #internationalwomensday I wanted to dedicate this post to the women who have encouraged and expanded me to be a compassionate, strong and conscious human.

So grateful to:
1) My mother for birthing, raising me and my sister despite all the obstacles.🙏🏼🌿✨
2) Paula for holding space in circle for myself and others. For creating WMN Space nourishing and healing every wmn on their journey.⚪️
3) Lisa for being my magnetic parent✨, OG supporter/client Nature and Intent and leading the wellness revolution through the Lymphatic lens. 💆🏻‍♀️🌿
4) Lacy for making the inner work so accessible and normalized (shadows, triggers, and reprogramming childhood traumas) has never felt so normal until YOU made this work digestible for so many people. Thank you for being an all around expander in many aspects of my personal and professional life. ✨
5) Kalika + Jeany for guiding me as biz mentors and life expanders on how to be successful + strong Asian American Boss Lady. 💁🏻‍♀️🇵🇭🇹🇼

+ To the growing list of women who’ve impacted me in a meaningful way, I’m so grateful to you all 🙏🏼🌿💛

How I Edit my iPhone Photos


Earlier this week, I had the lovely opportunity to teach a room full of female business owners how to create engaging and authentic content for @instagram. So grateful to Kalika @orangeandbergamot for hosting this mini @nature.intent workshop 〰️

The question I get asked often is how I edit my photos. As a photographer, I’ve spent years developing my editing skills but I’ve found there are amazing tools and apps that any brand owner and beginner content creator can use to create and tell their story. A picture tells a thousand words and through composition, color, and lighting you can share your authentic brand essence.

Shared one of my photo editing workflows in this workshop.. swipe left to see the before of this edited iPhone shot 🤳🏼✨

If you’re interested in learning how to use your phone to create elevated content and edit photos, sign up for the NATURE AND INTENT Digital Content Creation Course.

Content Creation Course

One of the reasons why I created the Nature and Intent Content Creation Course is that I found there was a lot of support for established and investor-backed startups with budgets to hire agencies and creative teams to produce their content and market their brands. There was a gap in support for the self-funded “lifestyle brands” I’ve come to love. I asked myself how can I support emerging and established businesses in the fashion, holistic, lifestyle and wellness space? To share their beautiful products and services to the world via the overly noisy digital space? 🌿✨

So, I manifested this step-by-step digital guide with knowledge and insight from a decade of building brands + bootstrapping my own companies, developing a holistic approach to photography + content creation, scaling e-commerce sales + developing authentic marketing strategies for my clients and community.

Completing this course will elevate your brand with the knowledge, inspiration, tips, tools, and action steps to create content that aligns with your digital presence to organically attract your ideal client, customer, and community. My own personal journey and digital platform is a case study for how to successfully build a business that doesn’t involve obsessing over the “vanity metrics”(how many followers, likes, or comments you have on this app). It’s shining a light on your authentic essence and purpose through your offerings that extends outside the digital space. I call this elevating your “nature and intent”.

Source: https://natureandintent.com/digital-conten...

Three Hindrances: Envy



I’ve been wanting to share something very vulnerable about some not-so positive aspects of myself that no longer serves me. After sharing these shadowy aspects of myself out loud to others at a women’s moon circle last month, I felt lighter for voicing these hindrances that has cause me so much unnecessary suffering. I know it sounds dramatic to say that envy causes me so much suffering. But as a highly sensitive being, I feel every experience so deeply. 

I’ve done several things that used to scare me this year:

1) Lead a creative workshop on my own.

2) Shared my biggest fear surround money + worth. 

I’m working through my perceived limiting blocks that I’m releasing by sharing them in my digital diary.

Even though I’m generally comfortable sharing about myself openly in-person, sharing my insecurities online is another level of vulnerability for me.

I’ve done a lot of inner work. It’s a constant work in progress. Continually shifting my perspective, cultivating self-love, and transforming from past traumas and triggers. In the past two years, I’ve been living my life like I’m on a daily meditation retreat. Constantly shifting and shedding what no longer serves me. Living a conscious and mindful life to me means being aware of all thoughts, actions, and perceived reality. Seeing where I can grow and being compassionate with the process.

On this Full Moon in Virgo, it felt like the perfect opportunity to share some vulnerable bits on my digital platform. My intention for shedding light on my personal shadow is to lovingly surrender and accept with grace that I am not perfect. That these messy, imperfect feelings are normal and part of my human experience.


I don’t think anyone wants to admit they are a jealous or envious type, especially me. 

I’ve learned that there is a slight difference between envy and jealousy. Envy is a desire to have a possession, quality, or someone else’s desirable attribute. Jealousy is fearing that someone will take away your possession, quality, or desirable attribute.

Personally, there is so much pain and shame associated with these feelings because at a dark point in my life, I was extremely depressed. I had no friends, no purpose, no abundant mindset and lacked self-love and worth. I was deeply insecure, negative, and felt unloveable. I was jealous of everyone else who had things that I didn’t have, who had friends and a positive direction (career or outlook in life).

My current life is the complete opposite of those dark years and it manifested from years of inner work. What I was envious of were things I desired for myself. I’ve worked through my depression and healed past experiences in childhood and adolescence that caused these feelings of insecurity. Took years to build that inner self love and compassion to transform my life and experience. But subconsciously, I still dissociated from those memories of my past self and lingering shadow. I would resist and resent any feelings of envy, jealousy, and insecurity I personally experienced or witnessed in others.

In my mind, I am a confident and perfect person with little to no insecurities.

My thoughts would be like “How could I feel these negative feelings again if I’ve already worked through it?” “I’ve grown out of those insecurities and if people are envious or jealous of me, that’s their own problem.” “Why do I have to dim my light because someone else can’t see their light”

Writing these out makes me feel guilty, selfish, and arrogant. More things I don’t really love or accept about myself. But the main point here is that when I recognize envy or jealousy in others, I get very uncomfortable. Memories of my past self would project onto others as an uncomfortable mirror for me to witness.

With social media constantly showing us everyone’s highlight reels, these feelings get amplified. 

As a highly sensitive being, the feeling of receiving an energy of envy or jealousy is much more complicated. I’ve interpreted these as others wanting me to dim my light. But it’s not a fight between someone else’s insecurity and myself. It’s a conflict between my own perfect version of self resenting my projected past shadow self. In the western spiritual perspective, this is called the light and the shadow.

I’m really good at psychoanalyzing myself and gained the self-awareness to source the root causes to my suffering. Transformation and inner knowing has been a karmic theme for me. 

I’ve since learned to be more compassionate and less judgmental when I witness envy or jealous in myself and others. Because when I resent something about someone, it’s only a reflection of my own denied aspects of my shadow self.

More recently, my own personal growth has really catapulted me into being a conscious guide and space holder. To be a compassionate leader, I know I have to shed all the layers of envy and jealousy that has blocked me. It takes up too much energy and unnecessary suffering.

What I’m also shining a light on is our human experience versus what is perceived in the digital space. It’s difficult to truly understand someone’s life with a holistic perspective through social media because it’s normal to compare someone’s highlight reels with our everyday. I’ve shares a lot of my positive experiences because I see life with an optimistic point of view. But I’m learning to balance my positive experiences and recognizing the shadowy parts.

My life was not always this purposeful. There is still a lot of learning and growing.

My professional line of work and my platform makes me very visible. Naturally, I’m very open and honest in real life, so this space I’ve created mirrors that. Being myself may be prone to judgements, comparison and receiving negative energies of envy and jealousy. It’s a practice of compassion and creating boundaries.

I’m no longer putting energy into judging that within myself or resenting others who experience similar feelings. I’m only accountable to my own perceived experiences. It’s all normal and part of the human experience. 

If you’ve read through this much, I’m honored you find interest in my conscious perspective. I invite you to consciously consume these digital constructs of our lives (the highlight reels and all) without comparing it to yours.

We all have a unique journey. If you’re not convinced, trust me that my life is not perfect. I’m writing this out as a reminder for myself. As much as my Ego and ‘Higher Self’ would rather not admit it.. I’m not prone to envy or jealousy. I’m learning to see it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and respond with compassion.

I’m grateful to you for taking the time to witness my openness and honesty. I hope I have inspired insight or mirrored something within you and transform within.

Will continue to share my hindrances in future diary posts.

With Gratitude,


Conscious Guide.


It’s only February and this year has been filled with so many amazing aligned projects. 3 years ago, I quit my last 9-6pm day job at an agency for 24/7 FREELANCE life as a Photographer, Consultant, and Producer 📸👩🏻‍💻🙏🏼🌿✨.

Elevating into a new role this year as a Conscious Guide that includes more impactful creative projects + experiences and hiring other creatives to execute the work.

Thank you @madebygoogle for my brand new #Pixelbook that I can take to my shoots, meetings, one-on-one consultations, creative productions, travels, and events! Won’t feel like I’m carrying my desk with me with the beautiful 4 in 1 minimal design💁🏻‍♀️📓💻🖊🧾📷✨ (a laptop that’s skinnier than my planner!) #grateful#giftfromgoogle