I first visited Bali in 2016 and it continues to inspire me as my favorite dream destination to connect with nature, spirit, and nourish my wellness. This recent visit was amazing and the experience reflected to me how much I’ve grown since then.

Just like the western expats that live in Bali, I’ve created a life that is consciously driven and spiritual. A few years ago, I would have never dreamed that I would manifest this life and redefine my version of success finding purpose as a digital nomad living an intentional life immersing in meaningful experiences.

After several weeks of saying I’d share this diary, but have prioritized lots of other projects and client shoots this year, I finally have carved out the time to write and share this short but sweet visit to Bali. My journey started way before the 20+ hour flight from LAX. You can read this experience on How I Made it To Bali without a Passport 10 hours Before My Flight.


One of the reasons for this trip to Bali was to attend our friends Martine and Cliff’s wedding. It was the most magical and perfect wedding set in the stunning Alila Villas Uluwatu Resort. The resort sits atop limestone cliffs overlooking a beautiful vast blue ocean. Literally the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding. The resort was impeccably designed with stunning hallways leading to the main infinity pool to each private villa with a personal pool. You can reach a private beach down a thousand step path. Before the very exhausting hike back up, I spent time soaking up the sun. It was definitely worth it for the views and knowing there was a spa session waiting for me also helped.




Laying out on the sand wearing sustainable swimsuit by Peony Swimwear.


My spa session included a lemon grass herbal steam, followed by an oil massage. It was the perfect treat after what felt like the thousand steps of death for me. Also before we departed, I took a private yoga class in the most stunning outdoor studio space overlooking the ocean. This was one of my favorite yoga experiences!


I’ve always wanted to explore the southern Balinese beaches since I didn’t make it to this region during my first trip. I found this little slice of heaven called Bingin Beach, a dream destination for surfers and dreamers. I worked with a California based swim brand, SEGARA SWIM, shooting their look book in this dreamy escape.

Perfectly framed palm leaves is my kind of paradise, but besides the picture perfect views, our room was only steps away from the pool. I have a gift of finding perfect boutique hotels and curating experiences which I’m finally excited to offer.


This beach location, boutique hotel, and my travel tips are listed in my BALI TRAVEL GUIDE available on 12/12.


I traveled with my sister on this trip, so this was the perfect opportunity for some sister time. I wanted to share my way of traveling which is very mindful and wellness-oriented. So I planned most of the itinerary of this trip and booked us an authentic Ayurvedic wellness experience at Sukhavati Bali.

The property is located just outside of Ubud and beautifully integrated the natural surroundings. Upon check-in, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and given our scheduled itinerary. We stayed in a beautiful villa with an outdoor shower and private pool.

Our itinerary included:

  • Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation

  • Lifestyle recommendations post-retreat

  • Ayurvedic facial & foot massage

  • Ayurvedic Session (Abhyanga and Shirodhara)

  • Customized Ayurvedic Session

  • Vegetarian Meals

  • Car Transfer

  • Yoga Class



I’ve been integrating a deeper sense of wellness and holistic approach to living for a few years now. Ayurveda is an ancient science rooted in India which has always resonated with me. I wanted a deeper experience and this trip was an opportunity to immerse in Ayurvedic healing.

We received an individualized consultation from the resident Ayurvedic doctor. The doctor reviewed my overall health background and used pulse reading. From this one session he was able to diagnose a health condition I’ve had for over two years! It was amazing and more than I can ever expect from a Western doctor. With an individualized recommendation of dinacharya (daily routine), pranayama (breathing exercises), and custom herbs, I’ve seen a shift in my condition and overall health for the better. Unlike my first trip, I did not get sick towards the end of my travels.

The first treatment we received was a full Abhyanga oil massage and Shirodhara treatment with two therapists. In the afternoon we received simultaneous Ayurvedic facial and foot massage which was pure heaven. It was really amazing being so taken cared of at Sukhavati. Felt a deep inner peace and happiness that can only translate with experience.


In the morning, we participated in a gentle yoga class. The property is situated in multiple levels with lots of steps. You’re forced to get some exercise, but you won’t mind it too much in such a beautiful sacred natural setting. We had breakfast in the common area and met another retreat guest doing a full Panchakarma. She was the owner of Spring Spa and generously invited us to get a treatment while we were in Bali.


I believe there is so much nourishing medicine when you are immersed in nature. Each treatment room overlooked a river and jungle. The natural soundtrack during my session elevated my healing and sensory experience. I’ve been fortunate to receive so many healing sessions in my adult life, but the most nourishing ones last weeks after the session. This was one of those experiences.

Sukhavati is really a slice of Ayurvedic heaven in the middle of Bali. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it is an individualized holistic approach to health and healing which includes nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. It’s not a one pill, quick fix-all that many wellness brands and products promise, but an integrated lifestyle. So grateful for the opportunity to receive such an elevated experience from the warm staff at Sukhavati Bali. Highly recommend you experience for yourself.

Book your Sukhavati Bali Ayurvedic Wellness experience here.



I ended the trip in UBUD which was where I previously spent the most time during my last visit. On my last full day to explore Bali, I hired a guide and learned a lot more about the culture, customs, and history. Visited Pura Tirta Temple, a sacred holy water spring where people come with the intention to purify themselves. Community and ceremony plays a huge role in Balinese people’s daily lives. A majority of the native Balinese people are Hindu and gift daily offerings to their gods. Their practices are so beautiful and cultivate a sense of purpose and connection to nature and the divine daily.


I’ve been on a deep spiritual journey and it was fitting to perform this for myself as a ceremony for washing away hindrances. I am in no way perfect or fully ‘healed’, but am much closer to an awakened consciousness than I’ve ever been since this trip. There is so much significance when you visit a place you’ve visited previously. You can reflect back on how much you’ve changed and grown. It was less about going to all the cool spots to check-off and humble brag on social media. It was about learning, nourishing, healing, connecting, and trusting in the divine.

On my way to the airport, I received a download to step into leadership and finally offer curated experiences for people to nourish within. This is an intention that has evolved from the first time I announced I want to offer more than superficial influence in 2016. I’ve produced a lot of beautiful offline gatherings and retreats in the past few years and honored to be of service and gift you an experience you deserve.


Gemini Twin Lover | #totallynontypicallovestory

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 5.27.34 PM.png

Social media usually sparks inspiration but sometimes triggers me. The only person who holds space for both my highlight reels and my real life shadows is @danielschuck.

I’m so grateful we met 9 years ago. Talking over the phone about spirituality and and how money isn’t the key to everything. Our life looked so different then yet our love is always constant. We’ve grown so much since and grateful every day to have someone support me throughout this spiritual journey called life.

You’ve sparked my dharma and feel so lucky to have you as my Gemini twin lover. Thank you @mejuri for this beautiful gold zodiac necklace to celebrate and share my #totallynontypical love story 💛

Brochu Walker Interview


Recently interviewed by Brochu Walker and shared a bit about myself and @nature.intent.


What is your philosophy on travel and wellness?

Traveling for me is a form of spiritual self-care. It expands me to widen my perspective, practice patience, navigate challenges and experience different cultures and ways of living. Being born from another country already gave me this foundational perspective, but travel allows me to cultivate a widened world view regularly. Living in Los Angeles, the mecca of wellness, there’s an abundance of different health modalities and holistic resources. In what I call the “spectrum of wellness,” one end is superficial while the other is deeply spiritual. Wellness means something different to each individual and that’s perfectly fine. I’m open to experiencing the whole spectrum even though I lean more towards spiritual practices. My wellness routines are rooted in ancient traditions like Ayurveda, Cha Dao Tea, and Meditation. Aligning with nature has been a journey inward and a way to connect to my higher power, the Universe.

Read the full interview here.


Nature and Intent Digital Content Creation Course


I created this course for the 20 year old me who had $0 budget to create content for my fashion brand. I had a deep intention and passion to tell stories through my collections but would run into blocks on next steps and didn’t fully understand content production process or marketing. It took years to develop my skills and expertise I have now.
As you may know, I have since pivoted roles from Designer to Photographer and Consultant. My collective experience includes creating multiple businesses and working with over 100+ brands, agencies, influencers, and conscious clients. 
I found that often times, many emerging and established brands have limited budgets. Since I resonate with the same solopreneur struggles. I realized the intention to support everyone at their startup stage by creating this affordable online offering to support all the amazing female entrepreneurs, fashion startups, holistic practitioners and wellness brands at less than my hourly rate for shooting. 
I’m grateful to have guided so many creative business owners in the launch of the course earlier this year! Would be honored to support you in sharing your brand intention, elevate your digital presence, and connect with your aligned client and community. 
Link in bio to sign up and feel free to email me if you have any questions! 📸📱🌿✨

Clutter Healing: My Energetic and Healing Journey.


Space is a very sacred thing for someone who is so energetically sensitive like myself.

Recently, I shared how I was ashamed of my tiny, cluttered apartment.

For me to share this has been very vulnerable. It all started when we moved to this apartment last year after being displaced from our last apartment due to a non-casualty fire in our building. No one got hurt and we were safe but for 2 months we ended up living from hotel to hotel. I moved a lot when I was younger so it triggered that part of me that always craved consistency. Something I had for 4 years in my previous apartment. So the discomfort of being displaced again pushed me to find a more permanent situation and rushed into a new apartment.

Within a month of moving to this apartment, I was dissatisfied about the layout, lack of space, and permanent state of clutter. I reminded myself this space is temporary. Due to that frame of mind, I never made an effort to decorate or organize the space.

Over the next few months, I started to feel more overwhelmed with the clutter and aesthetics of my home. This dissatisfaction even created shame. I didn’t invite anyone over and felt uninspired working from home. The only part of my home I liked was this sacred nook by my bed I carved out for my tea and meditation rituals. The rest of the apartment was disorganized, cluttered, and energetically stagnant. 

I would dream up of one day having a space that would inspire and cultivate my creativity and work. But it felt impossible until I could move again and manifest that dream home that was aesthetically aligned. No matter how many hours I would pin my dream interior photos on my Pinterest, decorating my own space would always feel overwhelmingly unattainable.


Fast forward to earlier this year, the Clutter Healing team connected with me to collaborate. I’ve known about professional organizers but never thought I would need that considering I only had a small one-bedroom apartment. This opportunity was a manifestation of my deep desire to have a home I was comfortable in.

Lili met with me to assess the current state of my home and shared how her intention for this collaboration is to make her offerings more accessible and shine a light on the deeper rooted internal clutter that manifests physically. My intention to share my experiences is also rooted in helping others, so I felt so energetically aligned to collaborate and receive her offerings.

Lili is caring and professional. She’s a Breathwork teacher with a background in fashion and styling which I really resonate with. Her instagram feed is drool worthy and an endless resource of organization inspo! With over a decade of experience organizing and styling, she has worked with Los Angeles based clients (with closets the size of my entire apartment). Since I trusted her process and aligned with her aesthetics, I was honored to receive the support from her and her team. I expected my experience to be vulnerable but it was also transformative.

BEFORE & AFTER | Living Area


Lili’s approach to professional organizing is unique because she merges deep intuitive energetics connected to our physical space and things. She offered her perspective and guidance into the root cause of my cluttered space in a Clarity Session.

Then, she consulted on the appropriate furniture and space saving accessories to purchase based on my budget through a Virtual Organizing session. This allowed me to think of all the possibilities of how I could transform my home and see my space in such a different perspective. Before our Clutter Healing organizing day, I took the initiative to slowly get rid of unnecessary items. This process has always been so emotionally difficult and would take so much time! Her guidance was incredibly helpful.

What we accomplished after a full day of a Clutter Healing Home Organizing session would have taken me months to de-clutter, throw, and donate over 5 trash bags of items! I was so impressed by how Lili and her team categorized, installed, and organized in one day with such ease and flow. I was so appreciative of their support in holding space for the process. They also offer the option for them to do the leg work of donating items or purchasing things from Container store to complete your Clutter Healing service.


Even though I have strived to be a minimalist over the years and consciously chose to live in a small space, I still hoarded onto years of sentimental documents and items.

Lili worked with me on several piles of documents I was hoarding. To allow someone to see all my financial statements and personal documents was extremely vulnerable. I even jokingly said how it felt like I was walking around naked in front of them.

Her team installed shelving and organized different areas of my home with such efficiency. Within the first few hours, our closet was completely transformed! Their organizing strategy starts with seeing all my items, then creating categories and seeing what storage & space would fit each category. Items were relocated depending on how frequent I needed access to them. This was all extremely helpful for maintaining a clutter free home. The transformation of our closet was the game changer. They purchased dividers and folded all your garments utilizing our limited storage space so well. Being able to visually see everything allowed me to purge more items I didn’t need!


BEFORE & AFTER | Kitchen & Dining

Since I had a limited budget and space, shelving was the best option to display and allow for more space. My tea wares which used to live inside boxes in our cupboards are now displayed in the center of our home. Seeing this is always an inspiring reminder of my healing and spiritual journey.

BEFORE & AFTER | Storage

I really loved being able to visually see the items that inspires me. My boyfriend has been a student of the dharma for over a decade and actually introduced meditation to me early on. A collection of Buddhist and spiritual books are now beautifully displayed on a shelf in our bedroom instead of packed inside our closet.


After the clutter healing day, I was even able to creatively think of a way to hide a electrical box using a cork board as a jewelry display as shown here.

I learned a lot about myself in my experience working with Lili.

The root cause of my physical clutter wasn’t just due to the lack of space and layout of my home. It was a reflection of the internal chaos and shame I had of living in the space. 

I was overwhelmed due to the emotional attachments I had with things I kept. As an empath, being surrounded by things that no longer served me was energetically weighing me down. The shame stemmed from the disconnection with the aesthetic of my space. My past history of moving a lot also didn’t help me develop the skills to truly own my home through interior decorating. Lili was my guide through all this.

As a a visually creative person, I also learned that I thrive in an inspiring environment that aligns aesthetically with me. The most important lesson was that my external clutter was a reflection of my internal clutter.


With the help of Lili and Clutter Healing team, I was able to shed a lot of physical items I’ve hoarded for years that no longer served me. 

Decluttering my home is part of my healing journey. I'm so grateful to Lili for creating her Clutter Healing offerings and highly recommend her to all my friends. I feel so much lighter, incredibly inspired, and proud to live in my home.

Connect with Lili via Clutter Healing here and view all her offerings here.

She also offers an affordable digital course called the Consciously Curated Home. This is a self-guided course to receive similar results from my in-person Clutter Healing experience to help you find the root to your clutter and shed what no longer serves you. Sign up ends Sept 2018.


About Me.


Hi, I’m Kristine 👋🏼 Photographer, Consultant & Producer @nature.intent, and former Fashion designer (amongst all my other job experiences). I’m a Gemini 🌞 Vata-Pitta type ⚪️ Projector by design (but living like an ‘MG’👩🏻‍💻💁🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️). If you didn’t know, this is the new “A/S/L” 😁 I use this platform to share my 📸 work and personal perspective. But would like to learn more about YOU and this amazing community. Comment your astrological sign 🕊dosha type🌿and human design 💫below 〰️Read my full bio here.

Original post via @kristine.lo

Clutter Healing

Yesterday I shared on my IG stories a bit of what I’m ashamed of... my tiny, cluttered apartment. So grateful to Lili and her team for organizing my space all day yesterday! I finally feel more comfortable and inspired in my home🙏🏼🌿✨More BTS of my @clutterhealing session to share soon 〰️