Natural light, plants, my tea set, crystals and my first film print. Objects tell our stories. After years of working with brands creating content, I’ve discovered we all have a unique narrative to share. In the @nature.intent content creation course launching next week, I provide the guidance for brand owners to share their story through intentional content in the digital space. 🌿

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Living my Human Design


Living my human design this Monday as a Projector. 1. Working minimal hours and accepting that’s okay. 2. Fine tuning an offering to launch later this month via @nature.intent which is a manifestation of my niche and gift in creating & seeing for others (conscious brand owners). 3. Nourishing my thirst for learning about the larger collective, people’s human designs and how we can support what we’re manifesting via the amazing #fnSupported video w/@freeandnative and @jennazoedaily 🙏🏼✨🌿

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As a visual artist, digital strategist and fellow content consumer, I wanted to share some of my personal insights about social media with my holistic perspective. As I’ve shared multiple times before, my intention for the content and projects I create is rooted in authenticity. 〰️
As I create a soon-to-launch digital content creation course via @nature.intent for startup brands specifically on creating authentic content, I’ve re-examined the different approaches to content creation and strategy. If you work in media you know that the process of content creation involves a lot of strategies and part of it involves positioning. In my opinion, the best content is rooted in good intentions.

But I’ve also realized that authenticity is so subjective. We curate “slices” of our lives no matter how vulnerable and honest we are. What we choose to share and curate are only parts of our human-ness. Our social media identities enhance and supports part of who we are. The purpose of social media is for connection and can bridge offline connections. This platform has definitely done it for me and I’m so grateful for my real heart-centered offline connections.

As a human that’s not perfect, I only share the parts of me I’m most comfortable sharing publicly. Since this platform if both my professional portfolio and business card, I can choose how much vulnerability I share and that’s perfectly fine. Like others, I also feel the same feelings of envy, doubt, low self-worth triggered by social media. These are beautiful opportunities to look inward. Also extremely lucky to have a holistic emphatic perspective, resources and offline communities to support me through the ups and downs. What I want to emphasize is that this space is only one part of the human experience. It’s not complete. I believe that we’re more than the static posts, captions, and IG story videos. 

My intention for this very honest share about social media is to inspire with knowledge of how it works and how imperative it is to build our critical thinking skills when consuming content or any information. To honor what’s real and have genuine offline connections. That’s why my work doesn’t only involve digital content creation. I also value offline experiences and use social media and content as a tool support these. 

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Spent this weekend connecting in community and supportive energy. The past few weeks has felt so “off” and I could blame it on mercury going retrograde. But the more accountable I am to my own actions and reactions, the more I can accept the imperfections and shadows arising. Having a daily Sadhana practice, supportive community and integrating Ayurvedic also helps. 

Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse


Join me for an Ayurvedic Cleanse led by @claireragz 🌿to integrate a supportive diet and conscious living habits. I’ve been off + on my conscious consumption habits the past few weeks so excited to do this cleanse for 2 weeks. This will be my third seasonal cleanse and highly recommend! Check out my IG story highlights to view my last cleanse experience

Business + Integrity.


It all started when I was a twenty-something Fashion Designer in Downtown LA. I was running around sourcing fabrics and negotiating with a fabric supplier's assistant. After almost finalizing our sale, the owner of the shop scolded the poor shop assistant right in front of me. The verbal abuse to the assistant was in my presence, a paying customer. It was so unprofessional and offensive to my whole being. As an empath (sensitive person feeling emotions of others), I felt the shame of the shopkeeper and how trapped he felt. In my mind if the owner doesn't even hide this unprofessional interaction when a customer is around, he most likely mistreats all his employees and conducts business in other unethical ways.

Because of the owner's unskillful manner, I did not move forward with the purchase and left to never to return and support his business. It wasn't an easy decision because that was one of the better fabric suppliers in town! I was just one small business owner but I vowed then to never support a business that treated their employees poorly. Integrity is so important to me and I've cultivated this same ethos for all my personal and professional partnerships. I treat others how I would like to be treated and don't support those who make others feel less than human. It boils my inner core. 

Since I'm a highly emphatic person coupled with intuition, I've been able to use it to strengthen my skills in business. When I walk into a room or a work environment, I can always sense if someone feels off. With this awareness I've been able to help create welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone. In the spiritual communities that is called holding space. In business, there are so many different personalities so when working in a team dynamic I am try to always tune into what others are feeling so we are able to execute a job harmoniously. I love when I work with people that can treat an intern or assistant with as much respect as the paying client. Creative team chemistry is so important to me and so grateful I get to work with supportive people. Since I've been in the same role as an owner/designer of a fashion brand like most of my clients, I know how efficiency and an aligned partnership is important to convert strategies into success. Being emphatic has its challenges as a business owner. In my early years, I would over-deliver and others would over-step on boundaries from payment terms, deliverables and interactions. This is why it's so important for me to create trust and strong boundaries (clear contracts) with my clients. As always, I treat each partnership as if I was invested in the business as much as the owner. 

I've shared my path that led me to photography and consulting on ILOVECREATIVES.com. I've been thinking a lot about what sets me apart from other creative professionals. The value I provide extends outside of my experience. My career started from building a fashion brand then several years as a finance manger at a photo agency which eventually led me to pursue photography. What people have shared with me is that I tend to attract quality people and a conscious alignment in my work. 

Since launching my creative consultancy, NATURE + INTENT, in addition to my photography services, I've been able to truly set myself apart as a creative professional. I offer a holistic skill set and perspective in creative, finance, pr, social media and production for one-time projects and minimum 3-month partnerships on retainer to support brands in scaling their digital presence and online sales. However, I can go on about sharing my point-of-view or offer what clients experiences have been working with me below. If you feel aligned and interested in the services I offer, please contact me at connect@natureandintent.com


My Wellness Journey.


Over the years, I've shifted my perception of caring for myself as not a selfish act but an act of self-love. If you know me, you've seen my shares on my self-care rituals and wellness experiences on this VISUAL DIARY and my Instagram. In my early twenties I had digestive and general imbalances. When western medical doctors couldn't alleviate any of my symptoms, it led me to seek out holistic ways of healing. Since I started on my wellness journey over 5 years ago, I've integrated a deeper understanding of how to attain physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. I've learned so much from holistic healers, wellness experts, intuitive guides and a supportive community. I still suffer from imbalances as my Ayurvedic constitution is prone to being out of balance. Now I have a deeper compassion and patience with the process cultivated from integrating Ayurveda, practicing my morning tea + meditation ritual, reading Buddhist teachings, and doing self-care practices. I'm so grateful to receive so much insight and support. I wanted to share my personal journey in Wellness.

Although my profession is in creative content and production, you maybe surprised to know I have a Bachelors degree in Public Health. My early intention was to work for a non-profit to help solve healthcare issues and alleviate diseases at a community level. After pivoting careers from health to fashion design to finance and to my current role as photographer and consultant, I still have this desire to promote wellness. Wellness has been a trending topic the past few years. This Vogue documentary on wellness is actually a really entertaining and accurate portrayal of the wellness world in Los Angeles. For me the definition of wellness is honoring yourself through rituals, connection with your highest self, nature and community. It is deeper than doing yoga, consuming green smoothies and supplements. It's balance in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. After diving deeper into my wellness journey last year and investing in both inexpensive and luxurious wellness experiences, the practices that truly aligns me is rooted in tradition and strengthening intuition.

My formula for wellness includes a combinations of daily rituals:


I've been journaling for years but did not start doing it daily until someone recommended I write morning pages upon waking up. Writing out 10-15 minutes of stream of consciousness significantly improved my days. I continue to write daily and it's one of my favorite forms of self-care. In Ayurveda, my constitution is Vata Pitta, which essentially means I'm highly prone to anxiety and over-thinking. Prior to writing daily, I would journal sporadically documenting what I wanted to call in or what I was struggling with. I'm very solution focused to all my problems but writing daily gives me perspective and gratitude for just being. Daily journaling supports me in a therapeutic way and is the foundation for creating space to manifest what I'm calling in.

Tea + Meditation

My life has been transformed since integrating tea and meditation. Tea is my heart and soul medicine. It allows me to connect inward, provide clarity and strengthen my intuition. Allowing stillness through tea + meditation is also a beautiful way to start my day. My first tea experience started on a spiritual retreat in Kauai. I'm extremely lucky to have my own personal tea practice, share the way of tea with loved ones and sit in ceremony with my tea community. 

I attended my first meditation class in 2010 at Against the Stream. My boyfriend has been a student of the Dharma for over a decade and to have him as a spiritual partner and lover has helped me become a more mindful human being. Meditation was something I did not easily integrate until more recently in the past few years. It's been a journey but the more I practice meditation, the more I have clarity. The mind and ego creates delusion. To practice non-attachment with our thoughts and expectations is truly the key to end suffering. It's easier said than practiced. But I continue to practice meditation to cultivate happiness and equanimity even in discomfort.


I have been integrating Ayurveda for a year now and its changed my life. Ayurveda is defined as the science of life. Although it probably seems to be trending more recently, this science is over 5,000 years old and is essentially a manual on how to live and align your life based on your prakriti or body constitution. The simplest way I can describe my journey with Ayurveda is that it's a way to align with nature. I've been able to shift my diet sleep, energy, digestive, and spiritual wellness through Ayurveda. A big part of Ayurveda is that food is medicine. I practice mindful consumption where I connect with my food. One way is by honoring those who grew and farmed the foods, packaged and delivered it. I try to cook at least one meal a day at home. When you cook a meal with positive energy and intention, you're able to fully digest and consume with intention. Sometimes I'm not able to cook at home due to work or travel, so I still honor the source of the ingredients and share gratitude for the meal before consuming it. Also best not to work or look at my phone while I'm eating. There's so many other ancient Ayurvedic self-care rituals I have learned but food was what drew me in. I also practice Abhyanga self oil massage and tongue scraping. Being consistent with your dinacharya or routine is suggested for all dosha types. My health and wellness is still a work in progress, but I've been patient with the process. Connect with nature and find harmony within is a process especially while living in this fast-paced modern world.


Living in the mecca of wellness of Los Angels and working with conscious brands has given me the opportunity to try a lot of different wellness experiences. Sometimes I need extra support and thankfully I have a community of healers, wellness resources, and spiritual events in my city. I'm also very lucky to have a supportive relationship, family, friendships and community. I truly believe that we are all connected and as ancient traditions would prescribe 'connection to community is what keeps us healthy. So grateful to share my personal journey and today will be taking over The Moment's Instagram for my #MOMENTOFBEAUTY. Follow along @themoment where I share what beauty means to me and my personal self-care, wellness and spiritual practices.


I'm so grateful to be able to have the connections I have in my personal and professional life. I wanted to honor all the women who have inspired me and supported my journey. THANK YOU...


To my tea sisters, your presence and open hearts support my purpose and healing. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you and will always be available to support you.

To all the amazing women I get to work with EVERYDAY! You take risks, run companies, have babies, consciously choose ethical ways of producing, and choose me to represent your brand through photography, strategy and production! Thank you for trusting in my creative eye and expertise. 


To all the women I had the pleasure of connecting with at Workspace Oasis - a women's coworking + wellness container I created last year. Thank you for showing up for yourselves and opening your hearts so authentically. Seeing you connect with each other and finding my own community within has been so nourishing.

KristineLo_Workspace Oasis

To all my healers and expanders, you support my wellness and spiritual journey. Thank you for being so generous and holding space for others. You inspire me to do the same for myself.

There are so many other women to mention who have come before me. Strong female leaders who suffered and fought back for us women today to get to live the life we get to live. Thank you for your contribution.

Today is a day I get to celebrate and reflect the many ways I am so blessed to live the life I get to live. I owe it to the women I surround myself with. Thank you so much! I am honored to be in service, contribute and support the feminine rising. 

With Immense Gratitude,




Like most people in our fast-paced modern world, I receive so much sensory stimuli everyday. As a photographer, I have this heightened sensitivity where I am aware of the visuals and details all around me. Not to mention my extended use of my phone and computer for work and pleasure. I've had experiences of visual fatigue from consuming so much information, sounds, ideas, etc. I've cultivated self-care practices to reset from the noise with my daily tea and meditation practice. Sometimes I need extra support on busy weeks where I have back-to-back meetings, shoots and deadlines for deliverables.


When I received an opportunity to try my first float experience at PAUSE FLOAT STUDIO in January, I carved out a time to reset my overly stimulated senses on a busy work day. My float experience felt like I was floating on a cloud. I eased into full sensory deprivation by having the blue light on my little float capsule with meditative music. Then dropped in and had it completely dark and without sound. I focused on my breathing as I mindfully watched my planning and fleeting thoughts. I integrated that stillness the remainder of the day float. After my float session, I got to wind down and drink my friend's tea NEAKITA. The staff at float are so friendly and supportive. The experience from stepping into the studio and after is truly worth it and highly recommend!


As a way of GRATITUDE for the amazing experience I get to receive and document, I wanted to offer a wellness gift to my community. I partnered with PAUSE FLOAT STUDIO to gift one person their first float session. To enter, follow @kristine.lo + @pausefloatstudio and tag a friend in the comments. Will be picking a winner next Wed March 7th!

Wellness Diary: Wulai, Taiwan


After a beautiful ten day tea + zen retreat in Taiwan, I gifted myself a luxurious wellness experience to gently integrate back to the real world. As I've mentioned in my Tulum Wellness Travel Diary, gifting myself with the experience of travel is the ultimate act of self care. Traveling solo has become my annual ritual. Being able to create space for myself has been a beautiful expansive journey to strengthen my intuition, deepen my connection within and nourish my creative spirit. My intention is to share how I create this sacred space through my recent wellness experience in Taiwan.


After researching several enticing destinations in Taiwan, I decided to explore Wulai Hot Springs for its close proximity to Taipei. I made my 24-hour adventure in Wulai worthwhile with a visit to one of the most beautiful resorts, VOLANDO URAI SPRING & SPA RESORT. I had afternoon tea and a light lunch the day I arrived and got to experience a beautiful sound ceremony by the river. Two artists performed on a platform elevated above the pool that overlooked the lush mountain side backdrop. The ceremony was performed in harmony with nature with the visual elements in synchronicity with the natural sounds of water, wind and rain. Across the river echoed sounds that also became part of the drumming ceremony. It was magical. Coming from a spiritual retreat with heightened sensitivity and a year-long journey connecting with nature, this visual art + sound experience resonated so much with my creative spirit.  


The next day I indulged in a wellness session at Volando's Dasha Spa. I booked a massage with a hot spring bath. The spa room was so dreamy with a stunning view of Wulai river. Helen, my lovely practitioner, gave me an intro to Chinese medicine's 5 element theory (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal). I picked an essential oil based on my 'intuitive choice' (eyes closed) which my inner LA Hippie appreciated. I started with a foot soak, then relaxed in the most luxurious bath that drew water from springs. I definitely felt a little extra during this self-care session but I always practice gratitude for these special experiences I receive. I could have stayed in that room forever but I had a 14-hour flight back to Los Angeles the next day. 


If you are traveling in Taiwan, I highly recommend visiting Volando resort in Wulai. As mentioned on my previous post, I will be consistently sharing my work, travel and wellness journey on this VISUAL DIARY with the intention to inspire conscious expansion through travel, wellness and experiences.