In Studio w/ MUSE BATH


Lovely Sunday from a few weeks ago spent @museyoursoul's studio. She recently released her new @musebathPeace Ceremony line in collaboration w/@easytobreathe πŸŒΏβœ¨
As a former fashion brand owner, I appreciate brands that create products with intention and CEO's that make conscious decisions. There's always the traditional way of being successful that focuses only on the bottom line without regard for having a purposeful presence. The companies that I see as successful impact you in a deep, meaningful way and customers will support its financial growth. This topic is something I feel so passionate about and so grateful to practice this in my own work πŸ’›Also feeling so lucky to work with conscious brands and owners that nourish not only my creative purpose of visual storytelling and authentic marketing but creates work that impacts the collective good. Thanksgiving is over but I'm still#gratefuleveryday πŸ™πŸΌ