This year I've been fine tuning what I wanted to offer to the world. I'm so grateful that I'm in a position where I have this flexibility in life to explore my purpose and passions. My job titles are photographer, content creator and consultant but I also crave community and wellness. 
Next month, I am co-creating a co-working and wellness popup. I met my amazing business partner Mikayla at a meditation circle and we bonded over our freelance struggles + needs and our journeys with holistic approaches to nourishment and healing. Our launch event on April 5th will be at the beautiful Parachute Hotel. This event is so meaningful because the intention truly matches what we are marketing. We want women to make genuine connections with other women, collaborate and inspire one another. In addition, we wanted a space that offers wellness + holistic services which I think is truly "the secret sauce" to being successful. I will be sharing more details and how to attend, so please follow @wrkspc_oasis.