So excited to finally share this amazing project I am so grateful to have been part of! My lovely friends at SKIN FOOD TALK  released their first e-book. I captured the images along with the beautiful curation + creative direction by Polina at Estok Creative.


I've been on a self-care journey for a few years now and meeting these inspiring ladies has elevated my level of commitment and helped me on this ongoing practice of caring for myself. Tara Curran is a certified Holistic Nutritionist. She's educated me about mindful consumption of foods with a holistic approach to include supplements, exercise and self-care. She has significantly helped me maintain a proper diet without overly restricting myself on my favorite foods. I'm so grateful for her nutritional guidance. Hayley Wood is a skin guru. With over a decade of experience in the skincare industry as a Certified Esthetician, she provides a wealth of skincare knowledge that goes way deeper than the surface. I've learned root causes for skin issues and love her approach to using skincare products. I always look forward to my monthly facials with her! It's basically therapy and skin-love session. If you're seeking a holistic approach from coaches with real expertise and support to becoming the best version of yourself from inside and out, please check out Tara and Hayley and their new e-book!