Self Care Rituals


So honored to have shared my self care journey and rituals with GOOEY GIRL - a digital platform by Lenea Sims that promote self-care practices and feature women in wellness. We met at Workspace Oasis - a women's coworking + wellness popup I've co-created. As I consciously choose to honor myself, I have been attracting beautiful like-minded women on the same journey. Below are a visual + written excerpts from my first wellness feature.

My daily self-care rituals include journaling, meditating, feeling gratitude, taking supplements and caring for my physical body through conscious consumption
My weekly and monthly rituals include yoga, baths, spa days, Holistic facials, healing massages, Ayurvedic sessions, sitting still in nature, capturing moments through photography, tea ceremonies, moon circles, women’s gatherings, and traveling. These are all beautiful experiences I’ve been fortunate to manifest into my life.
Since I’ve committed to investing in my well-being, the universe has supported this. I’m so grateful that my wellness journey aligns with my work, my passion and my community.

Full interview here.