COMMUNITY | Tea Sisters


So grateful to know these two spiritually aligned humans. Alyson is a mother, green beauty advocate and foodie. She has this gift of connecting humans together. I admire her vibrant view of life and how she consciously chooses to immerse herself and her son to enriching cultural experiences in music, food, and nature. Kristen is so lovely and you instantly feel calm and happy around her. She's also such a boss-lady. She's what you'd call a hustler, but doesn't put the hustle on a pedestal. She honors her self care and spiritual practice and gracefully juggles her multiple projects. Her company, MUSE BATH is a brand I truly adore. From the intention of her products to the overall aesthetic of her brand, I am always inspired by her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. So grateful to know these two tea sisters who I've shared tea in ceremony and our spiritual journeys.

These portraits were taken after a Tea Ceremony in Los Angeles, CA. August 2017.