Brochu Walker Interview


Recently interviewed by Brochu Walker and shared a bit about myself and @nature.intent.


What is your philosophy on travel and wellness?

Traveling for me is a form of spiritual self-care. It expands me to widen my perspective, practice patience, navigate challenges and experience different cultures and ways of living. Being born from another country already gave me this foundational perspective, but travel allows me to cultivate a widened world view regularly. Living in Los Angeles, the mecca of wellness, there’s an abundance of different health modalities and holistic resources. In what I call the “spectrum of wellness,” one end is superficial while the other is deeply spiritual. Wellness means something different to each individual and that’s perfectly fine. I’m open to experiencing the whole spectrum even though I lean more towards spiritual practices. My wellness routines are rooted in ancient traditions like Ayurveda, Cha Dao Tea, and Meditation. Aligning with nature has been a journey inward and a way to connect to my higher power, the Universe.

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