Like most people in our fast-paced modern world, I receive so much sensory stimuli everyday. As a photographer, I have this heightened sensitivity where I am aware of the visuals and details all around me. Not to mention my extended use of my phone and computer for work and pleasure. I've had experiences of visual fatigue from consuming so much information, sounds, ideas, etc. I've cultivated self-care practices to reset from the noise with my daily tea and meditation practice. Sometimes I need extra support on busy weeks where I have back-to-back meetings, shoots and deadlines for deliverables.


When I received an opportunity to try my first float experience at PAUSE FLOAT STUDIO in January, I carved out a time to reset my overly stimulated senses on a busy work day. My float experience felt like I was floating on a cloud. I eased into full sensory deprivation by having the blue light on my little float capsule with meditative music. Then dropped in and had it completely dark and without sound. I focused on my breathing as I mindfully watched my planning and fleeting thoughts. I integrated that stillness the remainder of the day float. After my float session, I got to wind down and drink my friend's tea NEAKITA. The staff at float are so friendly and supportive. The experience from stepping into the studio and after is truly worth it and highly recommend!


As a way of GRATITUDE for the amazing experience I get to receive and document, I wanted to offer a wellness gift to my community. I partnered with PAUSE FLOAT STUDIO to gift one person their first float session. To enter, follow @kristine.lo + @pausefloatstudio and tag a friend in the comments. Will be picking a winner next Wed March 7th!