Business + Integrity.


It all started when I was a twenty-something Fashion Designer in Downtown LA. I was running around sourcing fabrics and negotiating with a fabric supplier's assistant. After almost finalizing our sale, the owner of the shop scolded the poor shop assistant right in front of me. The verbal abuse to the assistant was in my presence, a paying customer. It was so unprofessional and offensive to my whole being. As an empath (sensitive person feeling emotions of others), I felt the shame of the shopkeeper and how trapped he felt. In my mind if the owner doesn't even hide this unprofessional interaction when a customer is around, he most likely mistreats all his employees and conducts business in other unethical ways.

Because of the owner's unskillful manner, I did not move forward with the purchase and left to never to return and support his business. It wasn't an easy decision because that was one of the better fabric suppliers in town! I was just one small business owner but I vowed then to never support a business that treated their employees poorly. Integrity is so important to me and I've cultivated this same ethos for all my personal and professional partnerships. I treat others how I would like to be treated and don't support those who make others feel less than human. It boils my inner core. 

Since I'm a highly emphatic person coupled with intuition, I've been able to use it to strengthen my skills in business. When I walk into a room or a work environment, I can always sense if someone feels off. With this awareness I've been able to help create welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone. In the spiritual communities that is called holding space. In business, there are so many different personalities so when working in a team dynamic I am try to always tune into what others are feeling so we are able to execute a job harmoniously. I love when I work with people that can treat an intern or assistant with as much respect as the paying client. Creative team chemistry is so important to me and so grateful I get to work with supportive people. Since I've been in the same role as an owner/designer of a fashion brand like most of my clients, I know how efficiency and an aligned partnership is important to convert strategies into success. Being emphatic has its challenges as a business owner. In my early years, I would over-deliver and others would over-step on boundaries from payment terms, deliverables and interactions. This is why it's so important for me to create trust and strong boundaries (clear contracts) with my clients. As always, I treat each partnership as if I was invested in the business as much as the owner. 

I've shared my path that led me to photography and consulting on I've been thinking a lot about what sets me apart from other creative professionals. The value I provide extends outside of my experience. My career started from building a fashion brand then several years as a finance manger at a photo agency which eventually led me to pursue photography. What people have shared with me is that I tend to attract quality people and a conscious alignment in my work. 

Since launching my creative consultancy, NATURE + INTENT, in addition to my photography services, I've been able to truly set myself apart as a creative professional. I offer a holistic skill set and perspective in creative, finance, pr, social media and production for one-time projects and minimum 3-month partnerships on retainer to support brands in scaling their digital presence and online sales. However, I can go on about sharing my point-of-view or offer what clients experiences have been working with me below. If you feel aligned and interested in the services I offer, please contact me at