As a visual artist, digital strategist and fellow content consumer, I wanted to share some of my personal insights about social media with my holistic perspective. As I’ve shared multiple times before, my intention for the content and projects I create is rooted in authenticity. 〰️
As I create a soon-to-launch digital content creation course via @nature.intent for startup brands specifically on creating authentic content, I’ve re-examined the different approaches to content creation and strategy. If you work in media you know that the process of content creation involves a lot of strategies and part of it involves positioning. In my opinion, the best content is rooted in good intentions.

But I’ve also realized that authenticity is so subjective. We curate “slices” of our lives no matter how vulnerable and honest we are. What we choose to share and curate are only parts of our human-ness. Our social media identities enhance and supports part of who we are. The purpose of social media is for connection and can bridge offline connections. This platform has definitely done it for me and I’m so grateful for my real heart-centered offline connections.

As a human that’s not perfect, I only share the parts of me I’m most comfortable sharing publicly. Since this platform if both my professional portfolio and business card, I can choose how much vulnerability I share and that’s perfectly fine. Like others, I also feel the same feelings of envy, doubt, low self-worth triggered by social media. These are beautiful opportunities to look inward. Also extremely lucky to have a holistic emphatic perspective, resources and offline communities to support me through the ups and downs. What I want to emphasize is that this space is only one part of the human experience. It’s not complete. I believe that we’re more than the static posts, captions, and IG story videos. 

My intention for this very honest share about social media is to inspire with knowledge of how it works and how imperative it is to build our critical thinking skills when consuming content or any information. To honor what’s real and have genuine offline connections. That’s why my work doesn’t only involve digital content creation. I also value offline experiences and use social media and content as a tool support these. 

Original post on @kristine.lo for #JourneyNotPerfection x @WeareQuilt