Manifesting on a Monday

This Monday was a beautiful reminder that unplanned adventures will lead you exactly where you’re meant to go. My boyfriend is a 'Manifestor' and I'm a 'Projector' via Human Design. He initiated that we go to Ojai and Santa Barbara for on a Monday. It led us on a really beautiful adventure and I received 3 beautiful clues to what I am manifesting. Upon learning earlier this year that I'm a Projector, it's been difficult 'waiting for the invitation' as I'm a planner and a do-er. I've since been trying to integrate my design and have experienced a little bit more fluidity around things. Waiting for the invitation is still a learning process but I have realized that when things don't flow as it should be is due to not following my design or being my most authentic and accepting of myself. This day was a beautiful opportunity to trust in myself and strengthen the bond I have with my amazing boyfriend and spiritual partner.