On Monday I received a very powerful email from @words_of_women reminding me to practice gratitude daily. 

If you know me personally or have followed me, you know I practice and preach gratitude for awhile now. Gratitude takes me out of my desires and future manifesting. It gives me so much perspective.

I needed this reminder because I’ve been facing all my imperfections and what I don’t have currently that I’m manifesting. The simple practice of 3 minutes of gratitude daily reminded me that everything I wanted a few years ago, I’ve manifested.

I live the dream of being able to purse my passions full-time. To always lead with integrity in my personal and professional life. To use this platform for more than superficial ‘influence’. To promote creating meaningful offline experiences. To build genuine connections and community. To have a very loving and supportive community IRL.

I’m not saying everyday is perfect and I definitely don’t have all my shit together. This past year has been very challenging because of my very high expectations I’ve place on myself. Coming into my Saturn’s return, I am learning and re-learning lessons. I’ve never doubted myself more than ever. I’ve always had an ego shell that supported me through hardship and the roller-coaster of not meeting expectations. Like many others, I desire spiritual growth, career momentum and financial success.

So my intention for sharing all this to a sea of strangers online and the lovely IRL friends who follow me is to provide an invitation to practice 1-3 minutes of gratitude today. I would like this to be both my digital portfolio and a way to be in service to others. ~
I’m on day 5 of 45 days of practicing gratitude. Since we are experiencing a very emotional time with all the eclipses and retrogrades happening, I hope this supports you in anyway. ~
Please share below or message me what you’re grateful for 🙏🏼🌿✨

Photo by yours truly | Model @yoizzyy | Makeup @lorencanbymakeup