Clutter Healing: My Energetic and Healing Journey.


Space is a very sacred thing for someone who is so energetically sensitive like myself.

Recently, I shared how I was ashamed of my tiny, cluttered apartment.

For me to share this has been very vulnerable. It all started when we moved to this apartment last year after being displaced from our last apartment due to a non-casualty fire in our building. No one got hurt and we were safe but for 2 months we ended up living from hotel to hotel. I moved a lot when I was younger so it triggered that part of me that always craved consistency. Something I had for 4 years in my previous apartment. So the discomfort of being displaced again pushed me to find a more permanent situation and rushed into a new apartment.

Within a month of moving to this apartment, I was dissatisfied about the layout, lack of space, and permanent state of clutter. I reminded myself this space is temporary. Due to that frame of mind, I never made an effort to decorate or organize the space.

Over the next few months, I started to feel more overwhelmed with the clutter and aesthetics of my home. This dissatisfaction even created shame. I didn’t invite anyone over and felt uninspired working from home. The only part of my home I liked was this sacred nook by my bed I carved out for my tea and meditation rituals. The rest of the apartment was disorganized, cluttered, and energetically stagnant. 

I would dream up of one day having a space that would inspire and cultivate my creativity and work. But it felt impossible until I could move again and manifest that dream home that was aesthetically aligned. No matter how many hours I would pin my dream interior photos on my Pinterest, decorating my own space would always feel overwhelmingly unattainable.


Fast forward to earlier this year, the Clutter Healing team connected with me to collaborate. I’ve known about professional organizers but never thought I would need that considering I only had a small one-bedroom apartment. This opportunity was a manifestation of my deep desire to have a home I was comfortable in.

Lili met with me to assess the current state of my home and shared how her intention for this collaboration is to make her offerings more accessible and shine a light on the deeper rooted internal clutter that manifests physically. My intention to share my experiences is also rooted in helping others, so I felt so energetically aligned to collaborate and receive her offerings.

Lili is caring and professional. She’s a Breathwork teacher with a background in fashion and styling which I really resonate with. Her instagram feed is drool worthy and an endless resource of organization inspo! With over a decade of experience organizing and styling, she has worked with Los Angeles based clients (with closets the size of my entire apartment). Since I trusted her process and aligned with her aesthetics, I was honored to receive the support from her and her team. I expected my experience to be vulnerable but it was also transformative.

BEFORE & AFTER | Living Area


Lili’s approach to professional organizing is unique because she merges deep intuitive energetics connected to our physical space and things. She offered her perspective and guidance into the root cause of my cluttered space in a Clarity Session.

Then, she consulted on the appropriate furniture and space saving accessories to purchase based on my budget through a Virtual Organizing session. This allowed me to think of all the possibilities of how I could transform my home and see my space in such a different perspective. Before our Clutter Healing organizing day, I took the initiative to slowly get rid of unnecessary items. This process has always been so emotionally difficult and would take so much time! Her guidance was incredibly helpful.

What we accomplished after a full day of a Clutter Healing Home Organizing session would have taken me months to de-clutter, throw, and donate over 5 trash bags of items! I was so impressed by how Lili and her team categorized, installed, and organized in one day with such ease and flow. I was so appreciative of their support in holding space for the process. They also offer the option for them to do the leg work of donating items or purchasing things from Container store to complete your Clutter Healing service.


Even though I have strived to be a minimalist over the years and consciously chose to live in a small space, I still hoarded onto years of sentimental documents and items.

Lili worked with me on several piles of documents I was hoarding. To allow someone to see all my financial statements and personal documents was extremely vulnerable. I even jokingly said how it felt like I was walking around naked in front of them.

Her team installed shelving and organized different areas of my home with such efficiency. Within the first few hours, our closet was completely transformed! Their organizing strategy starts with seeing all my items, then creating categories and seeing what storage & space would fit each category. Items were relocated depending on how frequent I needed access to them. This was all extremely helpful for maintaining a clutter free home. The transformation of our closet was the game changer. They purchased dividers and folded all your garments utilizing our limited storage space so well. Being able to visually see everything allowed me to purge more items I didn’t need!


BEFORE & AFTER | Kitchen & Dining

Since I had a limited budget and space, shelving was the best option to display and allow for more space. My tea wares which used to live inside boxes in our cupboards are now displayed in the center of our home. Seeing this is always an inspiring reminder of my healing and spiritual journey.

BEFORE & AFTER | Storage

I really loved being able to visually see the items that inspires me. My boyfriend has been a student of the dharma for over a decade and actually introduced meditation to me early on. A collection of Buddhist and spiritual books are now beautifully displayed on a shelf in our bedroom instead of packed inside our closet.


After the clutter healing day, I was even able to creatively think of a way to hide a electrical box using a cork board as a jewelry display as shown here.

I learned a lot about myself in my experience working with Lili.

The root cause of my physical clutter wasn’t just due to the lack of space and layout of my home. It was a reflection of the internal chaos and shame I had of living in the space. 

I was overwhelmed due to the emotional attachments I had with things I kept. As an empath, being surrounded by things that no longer served me was energetically weighing me down. The shame stemmed from the disconnection with the aesthetic of my space. My past history of moving a lot also didn’t help me develop the skills to truly own my home through interior decorating. Lili was my guide through all this.

As a a visually creative person, I also learned that I thrive in an inspiring environment that aligns aesthetically with me. The most important lesson was that my external clutter was a reflection of my internal clutter.


With the help of Lili and Clutter Healing team, I was able to shed a lot of physical items I’ve hoarded for years that no longer served me. 

Decluttering my home is part of my healing journey. I'm so grateful to Lili for creating her Clutter Healing offerings and highly recommend her to all my friends. I feel so much lighter, incredibly inspired, and proud to live in my home.

Connect with Lili via Clutter Healing here and view all her offerings here.

She also offers an affordable digital course called the Consciously Curated Home. This is a self-guided course to receive similar results from my in-person Clutter Healing experience to help you find the root to your clutter and shed what no longer serves you. Sign up ends Sept 2018.