Last year, I launched NATURE AND INTENT to house the creative, marketing, and production services I offer to support conscious brands and individuals. The intention for Nature and Intent is to create a meaningful impact through business and living our authentic essence and purpose.

Years of conscious self-inquiry, following my passions, practicing sacred rituals, navigating challenges, shifting my mindset, investing in myself and being open to receive all the lessons from the divine has gifted me with a life of living my nature and intent.

The message I received from yesterday’s tea ceremony was a nod from the universe that I’m perfectly on my path. That all the suffering was necessary on my journey so that I could better relate with compassion to the people and community I’m serving as a conscious guide.

This year, I’m offering more than just creative services but also creating opportunities to inspire living your nature and intent. Because the real healing is in following your passions, daily practices, immersing in elevated experiences and creating conscious connections in real life.

So grateful to share all the seeds of intentions that is blooming this year via #natureandintent and to consciously create for the highest good. 🙏🏼🌿✨