Self Love.


Today I’m celebrating LOVE.

Love that I have gifted myself and continually to cultivate within, the love I’ve received from close connections (partner, friends, healers) and the experiences that guided me to nourish that SELF LOVE within. To gift that love back to YOU and this amazing community, I’ve commited to be more in service this year by creating experiences and supporting the individuals that support others.

This month through @nature.intent, I’m supporting my friend/healer/tea sister @andreapenagos.acu who will share her knowledge and healing presence from over a decade of study + practice + service as a Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Energy Healer, and Women’s Wellness Expert. She’s too humble to share ALL her credentials but TRUST me that she is the REAL DEAL! 🦄✨

Please join us on Sunday 2/24 @_ay.am_ for a wellness workshop + group acupuncture circle to nourish longevity and integrate self-care in a sacred space.🌿

Learn about the Chinese medicine and Taoist practice of cultivation of the three treasures - jing (essence), qi (energy), and shen (spirit) - is a central component to promoting vitality, nourishing longevity, and deepening our spiritual practice. You may also join us for a tea ceremony after this workshop + acupuncture circle. 🍵

Watch my stories for more info about this offline offering and link in bio to RSVP 〰️