Daily Practice.


Daily practice is a gift to myself. An expression of deep gratitude for a life filled with purpose. 
Sometimes I spend half a day immersed in my Sadhana and sometimes I can only spend 30 seconds being grateful. 

Even on days when I don’t create space for self care or spiritual practice and attach to negativity... triggered by what everyone else is doing via social media or whatever external circumstance is happening ‘to me’... I know that I can always come back to my whole authentic self through my sacred practices. 📓🍵🍃🧘‍♀️✨ I’m excited to share some of these beautiful spiritual + self care tools to navigate the roller coaster of life and how you can design your dream year to align with your passions and purpose.

Please sign up here to attend the Conscious Creative Workshop on January 11th at WMN Space.