Content Creation Course

One of the reasons why I created the Nature and Intent Content Creation Course is that I found there was a lot of support for established and investor-backed startups with budgets to hire agencies and creative teams to produce their content and market their brands. There was a gap in support for the self-funded “lifestyle brands” I’ve come to love. I asked myself how can I support emerging and established businesses in the fashion, holistic, lifestyle and wellness space? To share their beautiful products and services to the world via the overly noisy digital space? 🌿✨

So, I manifested this step-by-step digital guide with knowledge and insight from a decade of building brands + bootstrapping my own companies, developing a holistic approach to photography + content creation, scaling e-commerce sales + developing authentic marketing strategies for my clients and community.

Completing this course will elevate your brand with the knowledge, inspiration, tips, tools, and action steps to create content that aligns with your digital presence to organically attract your ideal client, customer, and community. My own personal journey and digital platform is a case study for how to successfully build a business that doesn’t involve obsessing over the “vanity metrics”(how many followers, likes, or comments you have on this app). It’s shining a light on your authentic essence and purpose through your offerings that extends outside the digital space. I call this elevating your “nature and intent”.