How I Edit my iPhone Photos


Earlier this week, I had the lovely opportunity to teach a room full of female business owners how to create engaging and authentic content for @instagram. So grateful to Kalika @orangeandbergamot for hosting this mini @nature.intent workshop 〰️

The question I get asked often is how I edit my photos. As a photographer, I’ve spent years developing my editing skills but I’ve found there are amazing tools and apps that any brand owner and beginner content creator can use to create and tell their story. A picture tells a thousand words and through composition, color, and lighting you can share your authentic brand essence.

Shared one of my photo editing workflows in this workshop.. swipe left to see the before of this edited iPhone shot 🤳🏼✨

If you’re interested in learning how to use your phone to create elevated content and edit photos, sign up for the NATURE AND INTENT Digital Content Creation Course.