Spring is my favorite season. There’s so much energy and feeling of a fresh start and full steam ahead. ☀️

I’ve been reading a lot about this Full Moon and the season ahead. For many of you who love Astrology, you may already know the significance of your sun, rising, and moon sign. As a former Astro-skeptic, I’ve found that horoscopes never resonated and never really trust how someone can know what will or will not happen to me on a given date or timeframe😸 But diving into Human Design and Astrological Natal chart in the past year has given me so much insight to truly accept all parts of myself and understand with a holistic perspective my desires, needs, and motivations. ⋒

I’m your typical Gemini ♊️☀️- a natural creative type and extrovert with my 🌬 nature. My rising sign Pisces ♓️ complements my fluidity and everyone perceives my easy going attitude. But my biggest block around being sensitive and spiritual has always been recognizing my inner core - my moon 🌚 sign.

My moon is in Aries ♈️ and my inner self is a true leader, initiator and someone you don’t want to mess with 🙅🏻‍♀️🔥. I’ve hidden behind what people have always perceived me (Gemini/Pisces) but resented it when my inner needs are not met. 〰️ Boundaries 〰️ Going into Aries season, I feel that fire 🔥 so strongly. It’s come from a place of holding space for all my needs and accepting all parts of me which in turn allows me to accept others. It sounds so simple. But it’s easier said than done. It’s a continual practice to be compassionate + accepting. ⋒

Finally integrating duality and recognizing that we are complex beings that hold all the different personality “types” and “traits”. We’re not ⚫️⚪️. We experience the spectrum of human emotions and possess all the qualities even if we accept or deny some. Full moons 🌕are ritualistically a time for release. Sharing my insights on this digital diary with the intention to inspire self acceptance and release judgements we may hold. ⋒

Excited to release a project via Nature and Intent with a client (Hint: 🌞🌕🌙💫🌟) that will support and guide you into more self acceptance. Stay tuned 〰️