Instead of another post with a laundry list of things I’ve done or haven’t done to be more supportive of 🌎, here’s a moment in nature that captures pure joy of living connected to my authenticity, creativity, and purpose.

So grateful to live life in alignment with my definition of conscious living. My definition has extending outside of just trying to be zero waste, plant based, wellness-obsessed, and minimal (I’m definitely not perfect at any of the above).

Honoring the Earth can be as simple as mindful presence and gratitude to the β˜€οΈ, πŸ’¨, 🐦 ,🌼🌿. Today and everyday I honor nature through my work and presence.

Grateful to celebrate on this lovely Monday starting with a morning tea ceremony to connect with herπŸƒloving spirit πŸ΅πŸ™πŸΌ, a nature hike with @nature.intent community, and creating for a living while elevating others to live more aligned with their nature and intent. 🌎🌿✨