How To Get A New Passport in 24 Hours


Before I share my BALI WELLNESS DIARY, I wanted to share How I Made it To Bali without a Passport just 10 hours Before My Flight.

What happened.

For lack of a better term, my dumb ass didn’t realize that 5 days before my flight, I lost my passport! To make things even more interesting, it was Labor Day weekend and the LA passport agency was closed on Monday. The sprinkle on top was that I was also booked out for two back-to-back production days before my flight.

What I Did.

I allowed myself to panic and let the negative self-talk pass. Then, I did what I do best which is focusing on research and creative problem solving. Outlined everything I did and what you can learn from any ‘good’ or ‘bad’ situation.


  • Research like crazy and found a lot of services that offered 24-hour passport delivery. Upon reading multiple reviews, learned that they are essentially scams providing you with the information you can find on the passport agency site.

  • Book an Appointment at your local passport agency and find an available appointment. Lucky for me the Los Angeles office was completely booked. So I found an appointment at the next closest agency in San Diego. The only appointment that would align with my schedule was the same day as my flight, so I took it. There were some people who posted in the corners of the internet saying that you can get it the same day by going straight to the source instead of a third party.

    But even though this would seem risky and cause so much stress for most people, I did not want to just give up, delay, or cancel my trip, I knew it would work out and this is what made this experience very interesting.

  • Prepare Documents and make sure you bring a recent passport photo. I brought an older one from my lost passport and they do not take this. I was able to go to a nearby office to get a new photo, but save the time by doing this before you arrive at your appointment. Print and bring all relevant documents listed on the passport agency site which also includes proof of your travel itinerary.

  • Pay Processing Fees which is way less than what the 24-hour passport services charge. It really annoys me that there are companies that take advantage of people in shitty situations. But I guess there is a business for everything and not everyone lives with a high moral code.


    My appointment was at 8am and by 9am, the lovely agent said I will be able to receive a new passport and was so happy! I received my passport by 3pm in time to drive back to LA for my midnight flight.

    Note: the passport agency site does not state or guarantee that they offer same day passport renewal and processing. It varies by office and circumstance. But from researching and this experience, you will also have a better chance if you have more lead time than 1-2 weeks of your flight. I hope this is helpful and you can read all the info on the PASSPORT AGENCY site.

  • Lesson Learned + Reframed Perspective.

    My amazing and ever super supportive boyfriend ended up driving me to San Diego the night before my appointment. We ended up exploring San Diego while I waited for my passport. So even though, I spent a day for this pre-flight adventure to get a new passport within 24 hours, it turned into a fun little mini road trip for us! I don’t wish losing a passport within a week of an international trip on anyone. I am not guaranteeing this can apply to you but I hope you (and my future self) do not make the same mistake as me or resort to paying a scam company due to stress and fear.

Every experience no matter if you label it as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ is a lesson fucking learned. There’s always an opportunity to reframe of your perspective and experience. Thanks to the the Universe for another test (or prank) to see if I fully trust that everything always work out.

  • Made it to BALI.

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