Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, I wanted to support the conscious community I’ve been so blessed to have connected with this past year. Because I’m so deeply moved by brands rooted in intention, I’ve curated a holiday gift guide to share my recommendations for conscious gifts featuring intentional products and holistic experiences.


My friend and creative soul sister, Kristen Flores, created Muse Bath a conscious company offering intentional products for deepening your self-care rituals and intentional life. Her background in herbalism and media birthed this beautiful brand that I adore. Each product is handmade in Long Beach, California poured with love + intention.

My favorite Muse Bath apothecary: Gratitude Mist, Manifest Mist, New Moon Bath, & Full Moon Bath.

She has generously offered a special 10% discount for my community. Please use code ”conscious10” at


Hannah Mills created this conscious collection of ancient tea blends with the intention for people to slow down and experience drinking tea while bringing balance and connecting back to earth. NEAKITA ingredients are sourced organic, fair-trade and ethically wild-harvested herbs. Made in Venice, California. In honor of mother earth, a tree is planted with each NEAKITA tea purchased. Each blend was formulated with a specific healing function and my favorites: Rose, Wisdom & Grace.

She has generously offered a special 10% discount for my community with the code ”conscious10” at


Tara Curran is a certified nutritionist with a loving and supportive approach to holistic health. She’s given me the guidance and self-care tools that I needed on my wellness journey through one-on-one work with her. Starting January 7th, she will lead an amazing group nutrition program that includes nutritional education, support in digestive health & balancing hormones, meal plans, and self care tools for lasting habits.

She’s generously extended a 10% code for the UNCOVERED group nutrition program. Use code “Gratitude10” here.


I’ve been going to Hayley Wood for my monthly holistic facials for almost a year now. I always look forward to her warm and supportive approach to skincare. Her sessions feel like therapy hence the ‘therapeutic’ name. Her knowledge of skincare and products is vast and each session leaves me feeling both an external and internal glow. I cannot recommend Hayley enough to everyone. Book a session on


Met the founder of Wild Omen at Mercado Sagrado a few years ago. She is a beautiful spirit and holds a deep reverence to nature. This is infused in her gorgeous batches of raw chocolates. She produces her intentionally made chocolates in Taos, New Mexico using organic, wild-crafted ingredients by hand and stone.

I love all her chocolates but my favorite is definitely the WILD ROSE raw chocolate. Made with cacao, wildflower honey, cacao butter, wild roses, wild nettle and sea salt. Available for purchase on

Skincare + Beauty


The more I dive deep into my self-care and wellness, the more I consciously align with the brands I consume. At least that is what I've experienced this past year. Since I started using these amazing organic skincare brands and consciously consuming foods + supplements, I can proudly say my skin is back to a healthy glow. I use these green beauty products on a daily and weekly basis and sharing to promote consciousness in the products we consume.


Stumbled upon this brand while I was perusing the green beauty section of Anthropologie. I was attracted to the minimal design of the bottle, but ultimately loved the scent of this gentle cleanser. It's certified organic and the ingredients (aloe, flower extract, oils, etc) are anti-inflammatory and hydrating. 


I love this mineral sea mist from this Malibu based organic, vegan skincare brand, OSEA. I spritz this on after cleansing, to prep my skin before adding my moisturizer and oils. I discovered this brand after they gifted me a set of their products last year. The family owned and run business has a beautiful range of seaweed and natural ingredients. I have this mist in both the full and travel sizes.. so I'm obviously obsessed and highly recommend!


I've been using oils instead of cream-based moisturizers and it's so nourishing for my dry/sensitive skin. I LOVE the scent of the combination of superfood and medicinal herb ingredients in this serum (Argon, Jojoba, Carrot seed, Rose, Lavender & more). I add about a few drops and sometime mix it in with my moisturizer at night if I feels extra dry. I wake up with skin that feels soft, rejuvenated and glowy!


Another oil I've incorporated into my skin regimen is the Beauty Booster in Grapefruit from THE BUFF (avail at Urban Outfitters). Met the lovely owner, Jasmine, at Fashion Week years ago. We've both similarly merged our own fashion + wellness journeys into our current careers. So proud of her for launching this amazing brand of customizable skincare. I love the simplicity of her products and she has the beautiful skin to prove that it works!


I am such a minimalist when it comes to make-up. What I consider as "wearing a lot of make-up" involves less than 5 products (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, bb cream w/ SPF and sometimes blush). This CC cream is kind of amazing. Besides it reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, it evens out my complexion and doubles as sun protection with SPF 30. This is minimal make-up user's dream.


Since this post is more a conscious, holistic way of promoting skincare + beauty, I also included my new favorite supplement company, CARE/OF. I am THAT GIRL that has a dedicated cabinet with 12+ bottles of vitamins and supplements. Since I travel a lot and never have the same schedule (or am at the same place each week), it's kind of inconvenient to carry around all my supplements. I've tried bagging individual pills in ziplock bags.. the pills get crushed and mixed up in the bottom of my bag. What I LOVE about Care Of Vitamins, besides the cute customized little packet that says "MADE FOR KRISTINE" is the fact that they make it easy for me to take my supplements. The packets are beautifully designed, small enough to carry in my purse and easy to locate. Also, it's customized to what I need..according to the test I took on their site. Currently taking: PROBIOTIC BLEND (for gut health), MAGNESIUM (for sleep), RHODIOLA (for stress), & VEGGIE OMEGA (for overall health). Use code: KRISTINE50 for 50% off your first month of vitamins at TAKECAREOF.COM

Please note: this is not a sponsored post :) The products featured were purchased or gifted* 

Self Care Rituals


So honored to have shared my self care journey and rituals with GOOEY GIRL - a digital platform by Lenea Sims that promote self-care practices and feature women in wellness. We met at Workspace Oasis - a women's coworking + wellness popup I've co-created. As I consciously choose to honor myself, I have been attracting beautiful like-minded women on the same journey. Below are a visual + written excerpts from my first wellness feature.

My daily self-care rituals include journaling, meditating, feeling gratitude, taking supplements and caring for my physical body through conscious consumption
My weekly and monthly rituals include yoga, baths, spa days, Holistic facials, healing massages, Ayurvedic sessions, sitting still in nature, capturing moments through photography, tea ceremonies, moon circles, women’s gatherings, and traveling. These are all beautiful experiences I’ve been fortunate to manifest into my life.
Since I’ve committed to investing in my well-being, the universe has supported this. I’m so grateful that my wellness journey aligns with my work, my passion and my community.

Full interview here.

MOMENTS | Consciousness, Full Moon & Topanga

Consciously Co-creating


I've been consciously co-creating a lot of amazing experiences, opportunities and magic with the universe this year and have shared some on this digital platform. Yesterday revealed some blocks on my wellness and spiritual journey. I won't get too detailed but I did spend time reflecting on the beach after this revelation. The sun, ocean and sand was everything I needed in that moment. As I consciously choose to share select moments, I hope to connect deeper than aesthetics and likes. Beautiful content and curation doesn't have to lack substance if the intention is to inspire authenticity in your digital and real life presence 🙏🏼🌿✨

Full Moon Weekend





Full moon 🌕 weekend spent flowing w/ the universe 〰 So grateful for the beautiful gatherings, moments in nature and heightened consciousness 🙏🏼🌿✨#elevatedandaligned


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