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AUTHENTICITY is defined as the quality of being genuine. I believe we all have our interpretations of what authentic truly means especially in the digital space. As a collective, I believe we all strive to be genuine even though content we share on social media are curated + filtered constructs of our real life. 〰 Through a daily mindful practice and inward journey, I'm grateful to have discovered my own expression of what it truly means to be genuine both online and in real life. As you may have observed this year, I've shared my experiences visually and through (extended) written captions on Instagram as well as on my digital diary. For me the focus isn't to have more likes, comments or increase my engagement. I share to influence others and offer something meaningful outside of this digital space. As I consciously choose to practice what I promote, I wanted to offer an experience for others to go inward and discover our intention behind why we create the content we share online. Whether this relates to the personal experiences we share on social media to connect deeper to our community or to influence others to purchase products or to be transparent about our business. Communicating through authentic visual + written content is available to us all. You don't have to be visually creative, a content creator, or a digital marketing expert to be able to create authentic content. We all possess the conscious creator within 🙏🏼✨

This Sunday 10/22, @museyoursoul and I are co-teaching our#ConsciousContentWrkshp @wmn_spaceto inspire a mindful + hands-on approach to content creation and authentic expression in the digital space. Our intention is to align our digital and real life presence through meditation, discovery, shooting flat lays + portraits and connection to community. This workshop includes a gift from@musebath, portrait session w/ me, tea served by @neakitaorganicgoods and food by @sorellacollective 🌿✨Link in bio to reserve your spot.



So excited to announce this creative offering I've been manifesting this year 🙏🏼 ✨I've been so blessed to create content for a living and to experience + share my spiritual journey on this amazing platform. I wanted to offer an elevated creative experience for this amazing community. On Sunday October 22nd, I will be co-leading a Conscious Content Creation Workshop w/@museyoursoul @wmn_space. Our combined experience creating content + building brands for several years has been so nourishing due to our conscious intention and connection within. 〰 This workshop will inspire creative expression and intention in your digital and real life presence. Through meditation, discovery, and content creation, we will guide you in a mindful and hands-on approach to create authentic content to share in the digital space. 〰 Link in bio for more info 🙏🏼🌿


I Started My First Company at 20.



I had a bit of anxiety this morning when I was driving to a shoot. When I was twenty, I started my first business. I had a fashion brand producing locally made clothing and jewelry. As a young entrepreneur, I was ambitious and thankfully my upbringing had instilled in me this confidence and natural creativity that I expressed through this company. I built this baby of a business from my bedroom and eventually had a studio in DTLA. After nurturing this business for several years, I was OVER the emotional roller coaster of running a business, lost the passion to create and knew it wasn't going to grow financially. This experience was a crash course to entrepreneurship and was completely humbling. I made my first adult decision to "let go" of this company which eventually led me to my current profession as a photographer. The universe recently has been gifting me with these moments where my past + present experiences come full circle.



To go into this building five years later for a job as a photographer is significant. The anxiety is a reminder of the struggles I've had. After the lovely shoot today, I was filled with gratitude. I made the decision that changed the trajectory of my life in this building and that ultimately led me to pursue a more fulfilling creative career. I'm in such a magical moment in my personal and professional life where everything is aligned and purposeful. Sharing this personal and lengthy post because it's cliche but true that "everything happens for a reason" All our experiences, good or bad, allows us grow and places us into where we are meant to be 💁🏻💻📸🙏🏼🌿✨#elevatedandaligned

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MOMENTS | Consciousness, Full Moon & Topanga

Consciously Co-creating


I've been consciously co-creating a lot of amazing experiences, opportunities and magic with the universe this year and have shared some on this digital platform. Yesterday revealed some blocks on my wellness and spiritual journey. I won't get too detailed but I did spend time reflecting on the beach after this revelation. The sun, ocean and sand was everything I needed in that moment. As I consciously choose to share select moments, I hope to connect deeper than aesthetics and likes. Beautiful content and curation doesn't have to lack substance if the intention is to inspire authenticity in your digital and real life presence 🙏🏼🌿✨

Full Moon Weekend





Full moon 🌕 weekend spent flowing w/ the universe 〰 So grateful for the beautiful gatherings, moments in nature and heightened consciousness 🙏🏼🌿✨#elevatedandaligned


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