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Commercial use is using any work for marketing and promoting purposes. If you are a business owner or creative professional selling a product or service, it's imperative to know about basic copyright and usage for the content you’re sharing. For example, in music, the fee for licensing songs depends on the scope of the use. An artist or record company will license music for a national tv commercial differently than for a video online. The same goes for photography which is considered intellectual property.

Once a photographer or content creator creates an image, they own all the intellectual property rights unless they were hired by a company to produce the image on behalf of the company through a license buy-out.

Image usage depends on the platform it's shared. The current standard usage relevant for the brands we create images for is a digital use - license for websites, email marketing, and social media. If you wish to use images for other platforms or print, this would entail a different usage and additional licensing.

Please note: Content you find on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest is not free content available for your use without permission. Always ask the original creator or photographer for permission and proper photo crediting.



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