I’ve always promoted investing in experiences over material objects. But that doesn’t mean I don’t ever buy anything, I choose a middle path to consumerism by being a conscious consumer. Last year, I started curating conscious products and experiences from brands I love.

My intention for this conscious gift guide is to promote mindful purchases that add value and intention in our life. I curated a selection of products I adore in categories of my life I’m always cultivating with deep intention.

Conscious Fashion. 

As a former fashion brand owner, I know how much harder it is to produce ethically and sustainably. So I am always so grateful to designers and fashion brands that choose the harder path to create beautiful products without harming the collective good.

This sweater is the softest and most comfortable sweatshirt I own.

My favorite HFS Collective bag that matches everything I wear like this two-piece set.

My favorite necklace from one my fave jewelry brands.

This one-piece swimsuit is so cute and sustainably made of recycled fabrics from regenerated discarded materials, such as fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the ocean.

Wellness & Self-care.

If you know me personally or have been reading my visual diary for some time, you know how much wellness means to me. I’m grateful to have tried so many amazing self-care products but these are my current favorites that deepen and elevate my wellness.

The OSEA Malibu Sea Mist is my everyday toner.

Purchase $135 or more on and receive a FREE Hyaluronic Sea Serum.

I’ve recently discovered this GOOP Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo that has made a significant difference in my scalp. Learn how to do your own scalp massage you’d get a salon here.

Muse Bath creates such a beautiful set of consciously made self-care products at an affordable price point. Already ran out of their Hand Ritual Soap and been wearing my lovely bespoke perfume since summer.


Manifesting my dream life includes de-conditioning deeply rooted money blocks, connecting to nature through tea, and investing in elevated experiences.

Free & Native Unblock Money Workshop was one of the things I’ve done last year to shift my money stories, so I can create abundance. Receive 50% OFF all workshops today on

Earlier this year, I went to Taiwan to experience a beautiful Tea and Zen retreat deepening my connection to nature through tea. I’ve met so many beautiful souls through tea and Global Tea Hut community. Every month I receive a magazine, tea, and gift through this subscription. This has impacted my life significantly and I’m forever grateful to cultivate this connection with tea.

I’ve mentioned this many times over that Gifting myself with the experience of travel is the ultimate act of self care. Excited to announce that in December, you will be able to purchase my travel guides and learn how to sponsor your own vacay.

I’ve experienced so much insight through my own personal healing journey and will be sharing my favorite healers and practitioners in an upcoming post. If you’re currently seeking support, book a healer via Holisticism.

Took me just over several years to fully be open and practice Kundalini. I am currently doing a 40-day Sadhana with this Prosperity Meditation and its absolutely free.

I hope you find value in these conscious products and receive deep insights through these experiences.

With Immense Gratitude,